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Discover The New Collection Of Wristbands For Polar Unite

Polar Unite is your everyday companion to track your daily activity non-stop. You wear it throughout the day to track your activity and workouts, and during the night to understand how well your body recovers. Such an intimate companion must express your personality. And it does.

You can give Polar Unite a look of your own with a unique 20mm silicone wristband that matches your style. There are five different options: black, white, teal, red, and blush.

Those options adapt to any situation. But we know some people prefer other materials, colors, and fasteners, other looks. That’s why we’re bringing the silk-like feel of nylon to Polar Unite with two new hook and look wristbands.

New hook and Loop Wristbands for Polar Unite

The new wristbands for Polar Unite are made from soft and breathable nylon and use a fun hook and loop fastener for quick and super easy adjustment. The nylon softly rest on your wrist while allowing moisture to escape and providing a snug, comfortable fit. These two new wristbands come in Black and Rose color variants.

You can get a new Polar Unite with one of these two new wristbands today on Polar.com. Or, if you already own one, you can purchase the bands separately and update the looks of your Polar Unite. But as we usually say, whatever you do, do it with heart. ?

Polar Unite: Get 100% Every Day

A pocket-sized 24/7 personal trainer – That’s Polar Unite. It offers personalized guidance and daily workout suggestions to help you be active every day, get fitter, and live a healthier lifestyle. Plus, you can stay connected at all times with push notifications.

If you want to read more about Polar Unite, you can deep dive into this product overview. Pressed for time? No worries, here’s a summary of the main features that make Polar Unite a unique fitness tracker.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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Polar Unite Fitness Tracker: Whatever You Do, Do It With Heart.

With a whole new perspective, two new colors, and new features, Polar Unite is refreshed and ready to help you become the new you!

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