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Polar Vantage V2

FAQ: Polar Vantage V2 – All Your Questions Answered

We know you’re excited about our latest premium multisport watch, Polar Vantage V2 because you have so many questions! So we’ve rounded up all the FAQs you have right here. From GPS and the latest training features to comparing its design with our previous models, we’ve put our Vantage V2 in the hot seat so you can see how outstandingly well it shapes up. 

How does it compare?

How does the Vantage V2 design differ from the previous Vantage series?

First up, Polar Vantage V2 has a lightweight aluminum body making it 14g lighter than Vantage V. The new design is sleek yet sporty compared to previous Vantage models.

Moreover, the full metal case is fluently mixed with multiple color bands that ensure great variation for those looking to mix their style and the high-end finishing process and materials finalize up to date touch and feel the experience.

Will the Vantage V2 features come to other Polar watches, such as the Vantage V, Grit X or Ignite?

Polar Vantage V2, which comes with all of our sports expertise in one package, is the successor to our Vantage V.

As it is the next generation of our premium multisport watch, its new features will not be added to Polar Vantage V.

To find a detailed comparison between Vantage V2 and our other watches, check out our product comparison page.

Does Vantage V2 use the same GPS hardware as Grit X?

Yes, the GNSS chip in Polar Vantage V2 is the same as in Polar Grit X. However, the antenna solution is different.

Should I buy Vantage V2 with H10?

Training with Polar Vantage V2 does not require the use of H10.

However, for the crème de la crème of HR measurement, we’d recommend going with H10 as well. Some activities, such as strength and interval training, lend themselves more favorably to chest based HR monitoring. Also, Recovery Pro™ requires a heart rate sensor, such as H10.

Ultimately, chest-based and wrist-based HR complement one another with a blend of comfort, accuracy, and simplicity.

Tell me about the Vantage V2 wristbands

Polar Vantage V2 has a new attachment solution and therefore only its custom-made wristbands are compatible with it. These durable and comfortable silicone integrated wristbands are customized to ensure superior fit and the best possible OHR functionality.

All accessory silicone wristbands come with both sizes S (wrist circumference 120-190 mm) and M/L (wrist circumference 145-215 mm) and the best part is that you get both in the same package.

The color variations for the accessory silicone wristbands are Black, Grey-Lime, Green, Red, Rose-Plum, and White.

Battery, GPS, and navigation

What kind of battery and power modes does the Vantage V2 have?

Polar Vantage V2 has a 346 mAh Li-pol rechargeable battery, which lasts up to 40 hours in the training mode (GPS and wrist-based heart rate) and up to 7 days in watch mode with continuous heart rate tracking.

Moreover, the multiple power save options allows up to 100 hours of usage in training mode so you can concentrate on your athletic progress.

The power save settings allows you to extend your training time by changing the GPS recording rate (1 second, 1 minute, and 2 minutes), setting a wrist-based heart rate off, and using the screen saver.

The power save settings is found in the quick menu. These settings allow you to optimize battery usage and get more training time for extra-long sessions or when the battery is running low. 

Which positioning satellites can be used on Vantage V2? Does it support Galileo?

On Polar Vantage V2, you can use either GPS+GLONASS, GPS+Galileo, or GPS+QZSS global navigation satellite systems.

Vantage V2 uses Assisted GPS (A-GPS) to acquire a fast satellite fix. The A-GPS data tells your watch the predicted positions of the GPS satellites. This way the watch knows where to search for the satellites and thus is able to acquire signals from them within seconds, even under difficult signal conditions.

You can change the satellite navigation system your watch uses in addition to GPS. The setting is located on your watch in General settings > Positioning satellites. You can choose GPS + GLONASS, GPS + Galileo or GPS + QZSS. The default setting is GPS +GLONASS.

These options give you the possibility to test different satellite navigation systems and find out if they can give you improved performance in areas covered by them. 

How does the navigation work in Vantage V2?

Polar Vantage V2 supports turn-by-turn guidance with the help of our buddies from Komoot. 

Find new routes from Komoot, sync them as your ‘favorites’ on Polar Flow, and follow turn-by-turn guidance on Vantage V2. Komoot offers one free region bundle unlock that would allow you to use turn-by-turn guidance on Polar Vantage V2. You can find more info about this from Komoot.

Training features

How is the continuous HR shown on the device while training?

On Polar Vantage V2, you can check your current heart rate, your maximum and minimum values from the day, plus your night minimum HR. You can access more comprehensive data on Polar Flow, both mobile and web.

which test options are available?

Polar Vantage V2 features three exclusive tests – Running Performance Test, Cycling Performance Test, and Leg Recovery Test – plus our Fitness Test and Orthostatic Test.

Check out our guide to Polar Vantage V2 tests for all your FAQs and plus handy info videos about each of these test.

What swimming metrics can be tracked with Polar Vantage V2?

Polar Vantage V2 can measure pace, distance, and stroke rate for both pool and open water swim sessions. It is water-resistant for up to 100m (so it is not designed for deep diving). 

In the pool, Vantage V2 tracks your pace and distance, swimming styles and stroke rate (freestyle, backstroke, butterfly, breaststroke), and SWOLF. During your open water swim, Vantage V2 tracks pace and distance, stroke rate (freestyle), and GPS route. 

What is a FuelWise and why would I need it?

It’s crucial to maintain adequate energy levels and stay hydrated throughout a long performance. Therefore, you need to fuel your system with carbs and drink regularly in the course of a long race or a training session. With two useful tools, carbs reminder and drink reminder, FuelWise™ on Polar Vantage V2 helps you find the optimal way to fuel.

Why does Polar Vantage V2 have two rest and recovery monitors?

Depending on your training and performance level, Polar has a recovery monitor to suit you. Take a look at our guide to the differences and synergies between our two options: Recovery Pro™ and Nightly Recharge™.

How can I use Hill Splitter in my training?

Hill Splitter™ is a feature for those who are interested in seeing the uphill and downhill-specific training statistics. Hill Splitter detects uphills and downhills based on GPS speed, GPS distance, and barometric altitude. The feature gives hill specific information, such as distance, speed, ascent, and descent for every detected hill.

Hill Splitter™ brings you new statistics from your training in varying terrain. Polar Vantage V2 automatically recognizers your uphills (climbs), downhills (slopes), and flat sections for your outdoor sports.

Is FitSpark personalized for a variety of different activities?

The FitSpark™ suggestions are generated according to your fitness level, training history, the Leg Recovery Test’s results, the Nightly Recharge™ status, and the status of your active programs and planned training targets. 

FitSpark™ can be used for multiple exercises. Suggested training sessions are from three training categories which are Cardio, Strength, and Supportive. Moreover, the suggested training is based on your training history and current fitness level, giving more depth into your exercise routine.

FitSpark™ needs a 7-days workout history to work optimally. However, you can use the feature also without any training history.

Can I use the Vantage V2 with the H10 while swimming?

Polar Vantage V2 does not have 5KHz transmission, which is required for connectivity with Polar H10 when swimming. However, if you’re willing to use H10 for recording your heart rate while swimming, you can use it in a standalone mode through Polar Beat. Watch this video, which explains how to do this.

Vantage V2 features Precision Prime™ sensor fusion technology, which offers a more comfortable way to measure HR when swimming, something that our pro athletes have asked for. 

Why is the serene breathing important/what are the benefits?

The Serene™ breathing exercise is a stress management tool that helps you to relax your body and calm down your mind. Long-term stress affects negatively health, well-being, training adaptation, and performance. Mindful deep breathing is a proven way to relieve stress. 

We recommend starting with a few minutes of exercises (for example three minutes) and gradually increasing the time once you get better with the deep breathing technique (diaphragmatic breathing). Most health benefits can be gained with daily regular exercising, but there is no rule on how long and how often you should do the exercises. For example, 10 minutes is a good target two to three times per day, but the impact varies from person to person.

Benefits of regular breathing practice:

  • Reduces blood pressure and when combined with other stress management techniques it may lessen the amount of medication.
  • May reduce gastrointestinal disorders.
  • Induces beneficial temporary changes in gene activity and may boost immune function.
  • Prevents anxiety and depression, or may relieve symptoms of these problems.
  • Improves sleep quality.
  • Improves psychological resilience.

Touch screen and display

What are the display technology and resolution of the Vantage V2?

Polar Vantage V2 has a 1.2” always-on sunlight-readable color touch display made of Laminated Gorilla glass lens with anti-fingerprint coating and 240 x 240 display resolution. There’s also an ambient light sensor in Vantage V2 that adjusts the backlight intensity based on surrounding ambient light. 

Why doesn’t the touch screen work during training for Vantage V2?

Although the touch screen is super handy when you’re not training, we want to ensure nothing could interrupt your training, such as unintentionally pausing or stopping the recording. The use of the buttons allows you to ensure that nothing compromises your training data.

Can I customize the watch faces?

You can choose between multiple analog and digital options according to your preference. Within both options, you can scroll through a range of watch faces, including time only, your activity status, weather forecast, current HR, latest training results, your current week’s training summary, cardio load status, Nightly Recharge™, and FitSpark™.

Moreover, you can now also have seconds in your watch face and personalize the color theme of your display. The choice is yours. 

Which languages does Vantage V2 support?

The UI languages of the Polar Vantage V2 are Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Finnish, French, German, Indonesian, Italian, Japanese, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Simplified Chinese, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish.

Does Vantage V2 have music storage?

Polar Vantage V2 does not have music storage in the device itself, but you can control music straight from your watch. Just keep your phone in your pocket, running belt, or saddlebag so you can easily navigate around your playlist or adjust the volume on the go with music controls right on your watch.

Simply start playing music, podcasts, or audiobooks from your phone and it will then link with your Polar Vantage V2. Make sure that your smartphone has the Bluetooth turned on and has given control permissions to the Polar Flow app.

You can then use the music controls (compatible with iOS and Android phones) during the training mode or outside the training sessions. The music controls on Vantage V2 allow you to pause/play songs or skip/go back between songs and adjust the volume.

Weather and temperature

How does the Vantage V2 show the weather?

You can view the current day’s hourly forecast straight from your wrist. Just press OK to view more detailed weather information including for example wind speed, wind direction, humidity, and the chance of rain as well as tomorrow’s 3-hour and the day after tomorrow’s 6-hour forecast. 

In order to get the weather data, you need to sync your Polar Vantage V2 with your mobile phone. The third-party weather data is provided by OpenWeather, which serves weather information globally.

To use the weather feature you need to have the Flow app on your mobile, and your watch needs to be paired with it. Moreover, location Services (iOS) or Location Settings (Android) need also to be set on to get weather information. 

Can I go to the sauna with Vantage V2?

Polar Vantage V2 has an operating temperature between -10 °C to +50 °C / 14 °F to 122 °F.

What cold temperatures can Vantage V2 handle if I am performing winter sports outdoors?

Polar Vantage V2 has an operating temperature between -10 °C to +50 °C / 14 °F to 122 °F.

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Please note that the information provided in the Polar Blog articles cannot replace individual advice from health professionals. Please consult your physician before starting a new fitness program.

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