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30-Minute Cardio Strength Workout

Want to get fitter and stronger, but not bulky? This cardio strength workout could be for you.

This effective “bootcamp” only takes half an hour of your time and a pair of dumbbells (and even that is optional as you can do all the moves using only your own body weight.


  1. Do each exercise for 50-55 seconds.
  2. Rest for a few seconds before moving on to the next movement.
  3. Do three rounds of each set of three moves (3 x 3 x 3min),
  4. Finish off with one minute of walking planks.

Ready, set timer – GO!

Cardio Strength WORKOUT SEt #1

Walking Lunge

Walk forward in long, rolling steps, bringing your back knee close to the floor with every step, then kicking your back heel to butt, and lifting your knee high.

Moving Push-Up

Start in plank position, pulling your navel to your spine and activating your core. Step arm to side, bring chest close to the floor and elbows wide to the sides, then push up and bring your body back to the center. Repeat to the other side.

Crunch Extension

Exhale and crunch your knees to your forehead with arms reaching for ankles, then inhale and lengthen your body, reaching your arms overhead and kicking your heels out while pressing your lower back down to the mat.


Sumo Squat With Press

In a wide stance with knees and toes pointing in the same direction, lower your hips to knee level and bring weights down to chest height, then straighten your legs and reach your arms high overhead.

Renegade Row

Start in plank position with dumbbells on the mat underneath you about shoulder-width apart. Hold your body still while pulling the dumbbell to your lower ribcage, then release. Alternate sides.

Side Plank With Rotation

Place your elbow on the mat, directly underneath your shoulder. Keep your body in a direct line, head to toe. Extend the other arm up and then lower it down without lowering or rotating your hips. OPTION: place your bottom knee down on the mat.


Kicking Lunge

Take a long step forward, lowering back knee close to ground, then kick yourself back up. Alternate sides.

Tricep Push-Up

Start in plank position with wrists, elbows, and shoulders in a direct line down. Lower your torso until your elbows pass ribs, then extend your arms back up. Keep elbows close to your sides and pull shoulders away from your ears. Option: Lower knees to the mat.


Kick alternating heels out while rotating and twisting your upper body. Keep your chest open and focus on peeling one shoulder blade off the mat at a time.

WORKOUT Finisher: Walking Plank

Finish your workout with one minute of walking plank. Start in plank position, pulling your navel to your spine and activating your core. Squeeze your glutes and activate lower back to extend and lift one foot off the mat at a time, then slowly lower. Alternate legs.

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