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Fitness Test

Fitness Test

Know your VO2max

Want to know your current fitness level without breaking a sweat? Fitness Test is a simple 5-minute fitness level assessment, performed at rest, that gives you an estimate of your maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max).

Get to know your fitness level

Fitness Test aims to motivate you to start, maintain or increase the level of physical exercise you are doing.

The main benefits of doing the Fitness test are:

  • • You can easily and safely evaluate your aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness at rest.
  • • You get to know your current fitness level in comparison to the average values of people of the same age and gender.

Foundation of fitness

Understanding your aerobic fitness level (VO2max) is the cornerstone of efficient training.

Aerobic fitness relates to how well your cardiovascular system works to transport oxygen to your body. The better your aerobic fitness, the stronger and more efficient your heart is.

Aerobic fitness is best improved by training types that use large muscle groups e.g. running, cycling and swimming.

The science

Fitness Test has been developed to measure aerobic (cardiovascular) fitness. It predicts the maximal oxygen uptake value, VO2max. VO2max indicates how many millilitres of oxygen your body is able to transport and use per each kilogram of your body weight in one minute.

VO2max is commonly agreed to be an excellent indicator of cardiorespiratory fitness and a good predictor of performance capability in sports requiring aerobic capacity. Furthermore Fitness Test has been validated in several studies.

Learn more about the science

How Fitness Test works

The Fitness Test calculation is based on your resting heart rate, heart rate variability and your personal information: gender, age, height, weight, and self-assessment of your physical activity level called the training background.

Fitness test is fully automatic and can be performed at rest in less than five minutes. No other equipment such as treadmill is needed. It is an easy, safe and quick way to estimate your VO2max.

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