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Polar Unite


Fitness tracker

Polar Unite is a beautifully simple watch with personalized daily workout guidance, 24/7 heart rate and activity tracking, plus automatic sleep and recovery applications. It’s time to live life to the fullest: every shape, every size, every step of the way - everybody, unite!

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Whatever you do,

Do it with heart.

Get personalized daily workout guidance to inspire you, 24/7 heart rate and activity tracking to motivate you, and automatic sleep and recovery applications to help you understand your body better. It’s time to live life to the fullest: every shape, every size, every step of the way - everybody, unite!

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“This is not a smartwatch”

“It doesn’t tell me where the nearest coffee shop is, it won’t even give me the news, but it does tell me everything I need to know about myself.”

– Polar Unite Wearer

Daily activity

At your side, always.

No two days are ever the same - some days you do a lot, others are less productive, but as long as you keep moving, you’ll get to where you want to be - Polar Unite will track the entire journey.

Fitness & Training

Need help? You got it.

Polar Unite is like your pocket-sized personal trainer - it gives you personalized guidance to help you get in shape, and it tests your fitness - except you won’t have to break a sweat when you do it!

Sleep & Recovery

Remember to rest.

Rest is good! Letting your body recover allows you to do much more, and taking time out to unwind and relax will make you feel much better. No rest, no progress!

One Charge. Multiple Days.

Skip charging, not data.

Track your activity, heart rate, and sleep for multiple days at a time without having to take your watch off.


Up to

4 Days of battery life


Up to

4 days

in watch mode

Up to

50 hours

in training mode


It’s all connected.

With Polar Unite, you can connect when it matters; whether you’re expecting an important phone call or email, you want GPS, or just want to connect to some gym equipment.


Keep it simple.

The simplest things bring the most joy - easy to use, looks amazing, and matches your everyday style comfortably.

Customizable style

Express yourself.

Unite Watch

Unite Silicone Wristband + Additional wristband in a larger size

USB charging dock

Technical Specifications
  • Weight: 32g
  • Color touch display (IPS TFT) with Ambient Light Sensor (ALS), resolution 240x204
  • Glass fiber reinforced polymer case.
  • Stainless steel button
  • Asahi glass lens
  • Silicone with snap & slip buckle
  • Standard 20 mm watch wristbands.
  • Multiple wristband options available as accessories.
  • Sizing:
  • S-L: wrist circumference 130-210 mm
  • Connected GPS: use GPS via your smartphone.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy.
  • Custom USB charging adapter for charging and data synchronization.
  • Operating temperature:
  • from -10° to 50°C.
Water Resistance
  • Up to 30 m (ISO 22810, suitable for swimming)
  • Compatible with Polar Bluetooth Low Energy heart rate sensors.
  • Battery capacity:
  • 174 mAh
  • Battery life:
  • Training mode: up to 50h (with connected GPS and wrist-based HR tracking)
  • Watch mode: up to 4 days (with continuous activity and wrist-based HR tracking)
Clock Features
  • Time & date. Alarm with snooze. Stopwatch & countdown timer.
UI Languages
  • English, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Spanish, Portuguese, Swedish, Finnish, Danish, Polish, Russian, Turkish, Indonesian, Czech, Chinese (Simplified), Japanese

Automatic tracking throughout your day

Alerts for prolonged periods of inactivity

Personalized to your daily routine and lifestyle

Measures every move automatically, every day

Updates your step count on the go

Helps you reach your daily activity goals

Deeper light penetration into the skin

Light detectors pick up returning light

Accurate heart rate measurement

Daily inspiration based on your personal metrics

Real-time guidance and walk-throughs

Tailored cardio, strength, and mobility workouts

Lie down and relax. Get your result in minutes

Compare your age and gender average values

No extra equipment required

See training stats for the past 7 days

Compare current and past training sessions

Get short-, and long-term feedback on your training

See the energy consumed for sessions

See the carbs, protein, and fats breadown

Automatically calculated for each session

Automatically track the quality of your sleep

See the time spent in each sleep stage

Learn how factors affect your sleep behavior

Automatic overnight recovery measurement

See how daily demands affect recovery

Based on your sleep, and ANS status

Improve your well-being, sleep, and stress resilience

Easy, relaxing guided breathing exercises

Sync your heart rate and breathing rate

Sync easily with training apps and equipment

See your HR on both devices in real-time

Quick and easy to connect with Bluetooth

Get call, message, and notification alerts

Easily customize your notifications settings

Compatible with both iOS and Android

Pair with your phone for GPS

Record routes, speed, pace, and distance

Quick and easy to set up

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