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FitSpark™ daily training guide

FitSpark™ daily training guide

Work out without burnout

The FitSpark™ training guide offers ready-made daily on-demand workouts that match your recovery, fitness level and training history. No more stress about finding the right workout – let FitSpark do the planning for you.

Say goodbye to workout planning stress

When it’s time to get your sweat on, FitSpark workouts are ready for you.

Ready-made workouts every day

FitSpark offers you different types of workouts to choose from every day. The workouts are easily available on your sports watch.

Work out without burnout

FitSpark workouts are optimized to match your recovery, fitness level and training history.

Real-time workout guidance

Your watch guides you through each session so you can focus on the best part: the joy of working out.

Workouts with variation

FitSpark keeps your training versatile with different types of daily workouts to choose from.

Improve your aerobic fitness

The FitSpark cardio workouts come with varying intensities for optimal results.

Gain more strength

The strength workouts include instructions and guidance to help you perform the moves correctly and safely.

Strengthen your core and improve mobility

A strong core and good mobility help you prevent injuries and improve your performance.

The science

The FitSpark workouts are based on WHO's recommendations for weekly physical activity for adults. The recommendation consists of 150 minutes of moderate or 75 minutes of vigorous cardio training, and resistance training two times a week.

Learn more about the science

How FitSpark works

FitSpark offers you 2-4 workout options every day: one that suits you best and 1-3 other options to choose from. The workouts are built to match your fitness level, training history and your recovery and readiness, based on your Nightly Recharge status from the previous night.

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