Michael Palazzo

6 months ago I never thought I would lose 65 lbs or even run my first ever ½ marathon. Well I did! I was 23 years old and 278 lbs heavy and a dream to enlist in the US Army. My dream was never going to come true unless I lost 60+ lbs. When I showed up to a recruiting office they were nice to me but I could see that I was wasting their time I was just too “Heavy”. The next day I signed up at my local gym and hired a personal trainer (THE GENERAL lol). A week later I purchased my first Polar (FT2), after reading and speaking with my trainer I learned that like many things in life the perfect way to get the weight off is the heart. April 22, 2011 I enlisted in the United States Army at 225 lbs (I showed them) June 18, 2011 I ran my first ever ½ marathon taking home 3rd place in my age group. If it wasn’t for my heavy persistence to be better and run faster and my FT2 to monitor my heart and to learn from it I would of “never” acc! omplished what I have. For my birthday I purchased Polar WearLink+ transmitter with Bluetooth for my Android Runtastic Pro program, I do not think I will ever exercise again without a Polar product on my chest. Thank you Polar.


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