proper monitoring of progress

Active runners aim to improve performance and usually train for a specific running event. Fitness tests can help gauge progress to make sure you are training correctly. Different methods are used for different tests. The important thing is to use them systematically. For example, perform tests at the end of similar training days. An Average Heart Rate Test taken on a treadmill or stationary bike determines general fitness level, as does Polar Fitness Test.

If you train to achieve better running results, or if running is otherwise your main method of training, the Performance Development Test is for you. This running test is performed on a even-levelled track of a set distance, for example 5 km. Heart rate should always remain at the same level, for example 80% maximum heart rate. During the test, speed development is monitored at that heart rate. In fact, this is an Average Heart Rate Test, only in reverse, since for runners tracking running speed is of special importance. Terrain should be even and comfortable to make sure heart rate remains as stable as possible.

The warm-up prior to testing should always be the same to make sure the body is at exactly the same point of departure every time you take the test. Taking the test every four weeks is advisable. If your performance is clearly lower than the last time you took the test, do not make changes to your training routine before repeating the test in a few days' time.

The Performance Development Test:

  • Once a month

To monitor training results, the Polar OwnOptimizer test is also important. Successful training requires temporary overloading: longer exercise duration, higher intensity or larger total volume. In order to avoid severe overtraining, overloading must always be followed by an adequate recovery period. Otherwise, you may experience a decrease instead of improved performance as a result of high training volumes.

The Polar OwnOptimizer is an easy and reliable way to determine whether your training program is optimally developing your performance. The OwnOptimizer helps you optimize your training load during a training program so that you experience an increase in performance and do not undertrain or overtrain in the long run. It is a perfect tool for everyone training regularly, i.e. at least three times a week.