missing a training session due to illness

Q: “What if I get sick and have to skip training?”.

A: If you have missed a few sessions because of not feeling well, a flu or fever, do not train. If once recovered, you are still unsure whether you should resume training or not, it is best you don’t. Consult a physician or an experienced coach instead.

In all cases, going for a very easy test run (less than 30 min in zones 1-2) is a good way to resume your training after a break.

Scenario 1: If you have only missed one of your shorter sessions, simply carry on with the program. You may not need to make any other alterations.

Scenario 2: If you miss a longer run, you may need to shorten the next few long runs to avoid the risk of injury or overtraining.

Scenario 3: If you miss a session that includes harder training (zones 3 or higher), then you may need to reduce some or all of your upcoming harder sessions.

Scenario 4: If you miss a longer run and several training sessions, seriously consider reducing all training sessions (both total distance/time and distance/time in zones 3 and 4) for the next week or two.

Zone 1 = 50-60% of HRmax

Zone 2 = 60-70% of HR max

Zone 3 = 70-80% of HR max

Zone 4 = 80-90% of HR max

Zone 5 = 90-100% of HR max