Training Load

The Training Load feature tells you how hard your training session was and how much time you will need to fully recover from it before you train again. The feature is available in

Training Load shows you the cumulative effect of all your training sessions over the past few days with simple color guidance, as follows:

  • Green: You are recovered and ready to train more.
  • Yellow: You can train but you should avoid high intensity training and/or races.
  • Red: Training is not recommended.

You can use Training Load to:

  • control your total workload
  • recognize personal limits
  • optimize your training
  • compare the training load and recovery time between different training sessions
  • monitor the development in your performance
  • avoid over or under training
  • adjust training intensity and duration according to your daily and weekly targets
  • know when you are recovered enough to do the next training session

What affects my cumulative training load?

Your cumulative training load is calculated from factors that affect your training load and recovery time. These are:

  • personal factors: age, gender, weight, HRmax, HRsit and VO2max
  • the type of training you do
  • training intensity
  • training duration
  • heart rate during training