Introducing Training Changes

Our bodies take time to adapt. Give yours the opportunity to adjust slowly to any changes you make in your training routine. The following guidelines explain how.

Training VolumeThe "10% rule" is a useful guideline. Don't increase the volume of your workouts (how much you exercise and for how long) by more than 10% per week. More experienced athletes can probably get away with increasing their volume by 15 or 20% during periods of lesser volume.

Training IntensitySuddenly starting to do hard, 90% of maximum heart rate effort intervals is just asking for injury or overtraining stress. Instead, introduce harder training into your routine slowly and gradually. Start with just a few 80% effort repeats, and then build slowly to doing a full set of 85-90% intervals.

EquipmentEven a small change in your equipment or environment - your brand of running shoe, the type of surfaces or terrain you run on, the seat height or seat position of your bike or even the type of pedals you use - can stress your body and cause an injury. Introduce these kinds of changes with care, staying aware of what feels different.