Strength training

Most top cyclists use the bike for their strength training. Typically, they cycle uphill sitting down on the saddle and using a higher gear than normal. Cadence is at a much lower level than normal, approx. 60 rpm instead of 90-100 rpm.

A larger drain is placed on energy reserves than during regular cycling. Monitoring your pedalling rhythm during training is easy with the Polar Cadence Sensor.

Performance intensity is not a high priority since developing muscle strength is the aim of such training. Heart rate is at about the same level or slightly lower than when training for speed (approx. 80-90% maximum heart rate). An individual interval lasts between 1 and up to 10-15 minutes, with a varying amount of repetitions depending on fitness level.

Recovery should last at least as long as the interval, but cadence should remain high to improve the nervous system as well as muscles. Efficient strength sessions usually last 30 minutes. For optimal results, strength training occurs during intensive periods.