polar left/right balance

LR Balance (Left/Right Balance) measures the power produced by each leg independently, and then tells you how evenly you pedal with both legs. Left/right ratio is calculated by recording the maximum powers reached by the left and right pedals during a pedaling cycle.

LR Balance is a valuable tool for enhancing your pedal stroke and optimizing muscle output. If you learn how to distribute power evenly between both legs, you will generate a more consistent power output and, importantly, delay fatigue. Ideally, cyclists should always aim to distribute power output equally between both legs.

It is especially beneficial to monitor LR Balance closely when recuperating from leg injuries. After an injury, it is common to compensate for the weaker leg by overburdening the stronger one, which may cause further injury. Training with reduced intensity and pedaling evenly with both legs by monitoring the LR Balance will help you avoid additional adverse effects while you recuperate.