introduction to the polar cycling training programs

Polar cycling training programs are designed to help you reach your goals.

For a personalized cycling training program, go to the web service. You can choose a training program to improve your fitness level or an event program if you are aiming for a cycling event. There are also specific training camp programs for those interested going on a cycling camp.

The program is based on the Polar sport zones method with all training broken down into five different intensities. This will help you understand what is required in each workout. For more information on Polar sport zones take a look at the article Polar sport zones.

Aiming at an event?

To prepare for a cycling event, choose between a program that prepares you for a one-day event and a program that prepares you for a stage event. Your fitness level will determine the program level most suitable for you. These programs are six weeks long, during which fitness level will increase and event performance is maximized.

Prefer a training camp?

Combine cycling and leisure by selecting a training camp program. These programs give you training instructions for one or two weeks, while still giving you the opportunity to enjoy your surroundings while you cycle. This program is also perfect to get you in shape for the cycling season.

Cycling to improve fitness?

If you want to get fit by cycling but are not preparing for a specific event, choose a program that improves fitness level. These programs last four weeks, after which you can reprofile yourself for a slightly heavier program.