Depending on the day and time, your physical state might vary. If you are stressed or tired, or if you have not fully recovered from your latest training session, Polar can determine that from your heart rate and guide you to your ideal training zone for that moment. The unique Polar OwnZone is a feature that defines your personal heart rate zones for aerobic training based on your physical and mental state of that exact moment. The OwnZone guides you through a warm-up and will automatically determine individual and safe exercise intensity zones for you.

The OwnZone determination is based on heart rate variability measurement during exercise and it is a result of extensive research cooperation between Polar and international research groups. The results obtained on Polar OwnZone indicate that it can be used for reliable heart rate target zone determination[1]. With your precise OwnZone, you know exactly what the optimal target zones for your training are. Training in the right heart rate zones is the key to successfully improving your fitness. For effective and versatile training, make use of the entire OwnZone range by training at moderate and lower intensities and occasionally at hard intensity, too.

Since warm-up routines differ for different types of exercise, and since your physical and mental state may also vary from day to day, using the OwnZone feature for every session guarantees the most effective heart rate target zones for that particular type of exercise and day. OwnZone should be used especially when changing training environment or type, or if you are unsure about your present physical or mental state.

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