What sensors and accessories is my Polar training computer compatible with?

Compatible heart rate sensors

All Polar heart rate sensors can be worn in water. Only sensors with GymLink transmission detect heart rate while swimming.
  Polar T31 transmitter Polar T31 coded transmitter   Polar H1 Polar H2
Polar H3 Polar H6 Polar H7
      Polar WearLink
Polar WearLink transmitter Polar WearLink Hybrid Polar WearLink transmitter W.I.N.D.    
Transmission technology non-coded



CS100, CS200, CS300, CS400 - x x x x - - x
CS500, CS500+, CS600, CS600X - - - - x x - -
F4 z x x x x - - x
F5 x * * * * - - *
F6, F7, F11, F55 z x x x x - - x
FA20** - - - - - - - -
FS2c/FS3c z x x x x - - x
FT1, FT2 z x x x x - - x
FT4, FT7 - x x x x -   x
FT40, FT60, FT80 - x x x x - - x
Polar Active ** - - - - - - - -
Polar AW200 ** - - - - - - - -
Polar Loop *** - - - - - - x x
Polar Move - x x x x - - x
RC3 GPS - - - - x x - -
RCX3 - - - - x x - -
RCX5 - x x x x x - x
RS100 z x x x x - - x
RS200, RS300X - x x x x - - x
RS400 - x x x x - - x
RS800CX - - - - x x - -
V800*** - - - - - - x x

x Compatible

- Incompatible

z This training computer uses GymLink transmission. You can use a non-coded GymLink transmission with this training computer, too, but then Polar OwnCode® feature is not supported. If the training computer does not find the GymLink heart rate signal at the beginning of the exercise (in approx. 30 seconds), the non-coded GymLink heart rate signal is used instead.

** This activity computer is used for activity measurement. It does not support heart rate monitoring functionality.

*** The Bluetooth Smart transmission which H6 and H7 heart rate sensors use, is compatible with Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready devices and applications that fully supports standardized Bluetooth Smart heart rate functionality.

Other compatible sensors and accessories

Training Computer Data transfer device Stride sensor GPS Speed sensor Cadence sensor Bike Mount Power Sensor
F6 / F7 / F11 Microphone         Universal  
F55 IrDA USB         Universal  
FA20 FlowLink         Universal  
FS2c / FS3c           Universal  
FT1 / FT2           Universal  
FT4           Universal  
FT7 FlowLink         Universal  
FT40 FlowLink         Universal  
FT60 FlowLink s1 G1     Universal  
FT80 FlowLink s1 G1     Universal  
CS100       CS CS Twist Lock  
CS200 Microphone     CS CS Twist Lock  
CS300 Microphone     CS CS Universal  
CS400 IrDA USB     CS CS Twist Lock  
CS500 / CS500+ DataLink     CS W.I.N.D. CS W.I.N.D. Dual Lock W.I.N.D. / Kéo Power
CS600 IrDA USB     CS W.I.N.D. CS W.I.N.D. Twist Lock W.I.N.D. / Kéo Power
CS600X IrDA USB   G3 / G5 CS W.I.N.D. CS W.I.N.D. Twist Lock W.I.N.D. / Kéo Power
RC3 GPS USB Cable s3 / s3+   CS W.I.N.D. CS W.I.N.D. Universal  
RCX5 / RCX3 DataLink s3 / s3+ G3 / G5 CS W.I.N.D. CS W.I.N.D. Universal  
RS100           Universal  
RS200 Microphone s1       Universal  
RS300X FlowLink s1 G1     Universal  
RS400 IrDA USB s1       Universal  
RS800CX IrDA USB s3 / s3+ G3 / G5 CS W.I.N.D. CS W.I.N.D. Universal  
V800 USB Cable Stride Sensor Bluetooth Smart   Speed Sensor Bluetooth Smart Cadence Sensor Bluetooth Smart Universal Kéo Power Bluetooth Smart