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Workout Tips, Tricks and Strategy

Workout Tips, Tricks and Strategy

How do you get the most effective workouts possible in this time-challenged society we live in? To work smarter and not harder at every workout, try these tips:

· Define your goals for each workout. If you have allotted 30 -45 minutes or more, plan your warm-up, cool-down and the intensity in-between.
· What equipment and exercise can you use at home and outdoors that will mirror what is available in the gym? Examples are indoor cycling and riding your bike outdoors. Weight-bearing movements in the gym relate to elastic bands and body weight at home and outdoors.
· Determine your heart rate zones using a Polar training computer and tailor your workouts to spend time in the most appropriate zones. An example is for weight loss goals using a Polar FT40. At the beginning of each workout the FT40 establishes your fitness point for that day, based on how rested your heart is. After you are warmed up and ready, you will work at the fitness point and then increase intensity for 1, 2 or more minutes, then recover back to that point for the same amount of time. This has the effect of accumulating time in the fat-burning zone and increasing overall calories burned. Performing intervals like this will increase the number of calories burned after you have completed the workout and you will soon notice that your heart rate recovers much more quickly.
· For weight training purposes, using a training computer can help you achieve two goals: 1) To increase lean mass and overall strength, it will help allow for adequate recovery between sets. 2) To increase lean mass and endurance, a training computer will prompt you when to start the next set before complete recovery. The Polar FT80 training computer has the ability to guide these types of workouts.
· The key to improving cardiovascular fitness is balancing challenging yourself with active recovery. Using the Polar FT60 and FT80 training computers with the Star program allows you to challenge yourself and also to monitor your recovery.
· Steady state, low intensity workouts are recommended for those just starting to exercise. With 2 -3 weeks at this pace, the body is more prepared to take on added intensity and intervals. Exercising at intervals will produce the best results in the shortest amount of time. Constantly vary the types of workouts you are doing so that your body can never fully adapt to your routine. The human body is a marvelous machine and will adapt to changes very quickly.

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