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How to calculate target heart rate zone?

Key Target Zones

60-70% of max hr

weight loss, building endurance

70-80% " " "
weight management, improving cardio fitness
interval workouts

Now use one of the following formulas
Option 1 Age-based formula 220 minus your age (A) = estimated max hr (HRMx)

To find your target zonesMHR X .60=( ) MHR X .70=( ) TZ1MHR X .70=( ) MHR X .80=( ) TZ2MHR X .80=( ) TZ3You now have your three personal target zones
Option 2 Karvonen formula This formula uses your age and fitness level to determine your target zones. It is a more personalized number and recommended for people who are experienced exercisers.
First, you must take your heart rate for three mornings in a row before gettingup from bed. Once you have those numbers, take the average of the sum:
Morning 1# + Morning 2# + Morning 3# = ( X) (X) divided by 3 = Morning Resting HR (MRHR)
This is the single best indicator of your state of fitness. Once you have this number established as a baseline, you can use it to understand more about yourself than you can imagine. Take it again every once in a while, at least once every two weeks.
As your fitness improves, you will most likely see that number going down.
If you see an elevated number, it could mean one or more of the following:

  • You did not recover from a hard workout the day before

  • You need more rest

  • Your body has begun fighting off an oncoming illness

Now use your resting heart rate number as follows:
220 minus your age (A)= estimated max hr (HRMx)
HRMx minus MRHR= (C)
Now find your personal target zones:
(C) X .60 = (D) D + MRHR = ( ) 60% limit number(C) X .70 = (E) E + MRHR = ( ) 70% limit number
Example:Mark is 40 years old and his morning resting hr is 58.
220 minus 40 = 180180 minus 58 = 122
122 X .60 = 73.2  73 + 58 = 131122 X .70 = 85.4  85 + 58 = 143
His 60-70% Target Zone would be 131-143

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