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So you just got home with your brand new heart rate monitor and not sure what to do next. Heart rate training can be an important part of any workout program, but like most new training tools if you are not using the tool correctly you could have trouble fully maximizing it. So in this document we pulled together some information and links from to get you started.
Introduction to Heart Rate Based Training
If you are new to exercising, I can almost guarantee you are wondering how much and in which intensities you should train. If you go too hard and you run the risk of burning yourself out quickly. If you go too slow you may not see results. The key is to find the balance between exercise and recovery, and the best way to gauge that is a heart rate monitor.
Take a look at the following links to get you started:
Intro to Heart Rate Training
Structure of A Workout Session
Aerobic and Anaerobic Exercise
Part of finding that balance is to understand and utilize different heart rate zones based on your personal goals. Polar has a few unique features built into certain training computers that help you find these zones, like Energy Pointer(FT7,FT40) and Ownzone(FT60,FT80). But if you aren’t using these “Own” features you can still take advantage training zones.
Calculating Maximum Heart Rate
The first thing to do would be to find your Maximum Heart rate(MHR). You have a few different options for calculating MHR. 220 – age is a common formula. Another option is the Karvonen formula which takes into account your resting heart rate. Both options noted above can be found here:
Calculating Max Heart Rate:

Target Heart Rate Exercise Zones
Now that you have your Max HR, the following links will give you a good understanding of the different target heart rate zones you can use. We like to simplify target heart rate zones into 3 zones. Light, moderate and hard. Click on the following links for more information:
Exercise Zones
Setting up Your Polar Heart Rate Monitor
Now that you understand the basics of heart rate training, setting up your new Polar is the next step. Your user manual is key. Polar has over 15 different models that range in features. For an electronic copy of your user manual click here. Here are a few more links to get you started setting up your Polar.
Video Tutorials
Product Support pages
Getting Started

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