Our Trainers

Polar Technology Trainers are seasoned, physical educators and fitness professionals, who conduct training sessions at schools all across the country. You can learn more about them below.

Pamela Dawson - Polar Technology Trainer since 2006

With a BS in Health & Physical Education, Pamela Dawson has taught Physical Education and fitness to people from Kindergarten age to Adult. While teaching both elementary and secondary Physical Education, all of her students, third grade and up, wore Polar Heart Monitors every day. Pamela also used PE Manager and TriFIT software, and a Companion Pocket PC at her school. She is a member of AAHPERD and has presented at AAHPERD and TAHPERD. Pamela began using Polar technology after hearing Beth Kirkpatrick speak at TAHPERD. Pamela had been teaching Aerobic classes and taking heart rates with two fingers on the carotid artery. After taking heart rates this way for ten straight years she was elated to find an easier way of knowing what her students were doing. To help keep herself motivated, she uses a Polar RS400 Heart Rate Monitor. When asked what she likes most about being a Polar trainer, Pamela states, "I love traveling the country, sharing and collaborating with people passionate about what they do."

Deb Hulbert - Polar Technology Trainer since 2006

With a BS in Broad Area Physical Education, and an MAEd in Education, Deb Hulbert has taught primarily in elementary Physical Education, four years at the Junior High level, and 15 years teaching at the University level. Recipient of many awards including WAHPERD Teaching Honor Award, 1990, Senator Herb Kohl Achievement Award, 1995, Most Influential Educator River Falls Board of Education, 2002, and Wisconsin High School Gymnastics Hall of Fame, 2003, Deb is a member of AAHPERD and WAAHPERD. Deb has presented at both the WAHPERD and the Northwest District of WAAPERD. Deb first learned about Polar Technology three years before she retired when she was introduced to the full range of technology options offered to schools through Polar. As her schedule and class load continued to grow, she began looking for HRMs and software that would be easy for her, as well as for her students, to understand and implement. Polar technology really answered a need she had for specific and reliable data about her students. When asked what she likes most about being a Polar trainer, Deb states, "The best thing about being a Trainer is working with awesome physical educators. All the great equipment in the world would do little without the drive and determination of the gym teacher to bring the best to his/her students."

Ted Nagengast - Polar Technology Trainer since 1999

With a BS in Physical Education, an M ED in Athletic Administration, a Professional Certificate in School District Administration, and a Personal Trainer Certification from the Cooper Institute of Aerobic Research, Ted Nagengast is a physical educator, football coach, and PEP Grant Coordinator at Bay Shore Middle School in New York. He is also a member of AAHPERD, NYS AAHPERD, the American Football Coaches Association, and the NY State H.S. Football Coaches Association, and has received NEW 12/Dowling College Educator of the Month January 2006, Suffolk Zone (NYSAAHPERD) Professional of the year December 2006, Man of the Year-Bay Shore Athletic Sponsors Booster Club June 2006, and Suffolk Coalition for Alcohol and Drug prevention "Outstanding Community Contributions" May 2005. Ted started using Polar technology when his first Athletic Director gave him a Polar Vantage XL HRM and told him to learn how to use it. Ted remembered it from his exercise physiology class and was hooked instantly since, as a new teacher, he was also looking for a new way to motivate his students. Additionally, he attended any and all conferences during the first couple of years that dealt with technology in PE. During one of these conferences he was introduced to TriFIT. He then lobbied hard for his school to buy one and eventually they purchased two. His school now uses the E200, E600, and TriFIT 600 & 700 and Ted has used PE Manager with his classes. He also uses an F11 to track his workouts. When asked what he likes most about being a Polar trainer, Ted shares, "My most memorable experiences occur when the teachers I am training figure out how to use the equipment and start acting like students themselves – whether they are running in place with the monitor, testing each other on TriFIT, or learning how to use the Companion. I enjoy meeting teachers from around the country and learning about their PE programs and discussing how they can implement the technology into their curriculum so that they will be successful. I feel very strongly that the technology can be a very beneficial tool to helping our kids become healthier and more motivated to exercise properly because the feedback is instantaneous!! As more teachers and students use the Polar products we are making more of a change in the youth of today that will help them tomorrow!"

Debbie Peterson - Polar Technology Trainer since 1997

With a BS in Physical Education/Health/Coaching and Masters of Education degree, Debbie Peterson is the Department Chairperson and PE/Health teacher at Eastview High School in Apple Valley, MN. A Minnesota State Coaches Hall of Famer, Debbie belongs to the MAAHPERD and AAHPERD, and has presented at the state AAHPERD conferences and yearly at the University of Minnesota. She has also delivered more than 100 presentations at international, state, and local levels.Debbie attended a technology training on heart rate monitors and recognized the potential benefits to students. The next year she brought heart rate technology to her school and soon after, to her district. She continues to use the technology in the classroom after witnessing the motivation, self-direction, education and positive influence gained by her students. When asked what she likes most about being a Polar trainer, Debbie shares, "I enjoy meeting new teachers and sharing the activities and strategies that work for me and my students. Most of all, I enjoy having other teachers get excited about new technology in PE--technology that will empower their students to make decisions that can result in lifelong healthy habits."

Nancy White - Polar Technology Trainer since 2007

With a BS degree in Physical Education, and a Master’s Equivalency plus 36 graduate credits, Nancy White is a retired educator from Eastern Lancaster County School District in Pennsylvania. She is also a PIAA certified official in Swimming & Diving and Track & Field and she officiates NCAA swimming and USA Track & Field. She is also a member of the Pennsylvania AHPERD and NASPE. She was awarded teacher of the year by Lancaster-Lebanon H & PE Association in 2007, and has conducted various presentations at the State PSAHPERD conventions for many years. Nancy was introduced to Polar technology when her school district was awarded a PEP grant, of which she was the Project Coordinator. In her classes, Nancy used TriFIT, PE Manager, E600 Heart Rate Monitors, and the Companion Pocket PC. These products changed her entire focus for PE classes and she saw great results with the students. Nancy believes the use of Polar Technology can change youth fitness and result in better academic scores for all students. In her personal workouts, Nancy uses the RS800 G3 Fitness Computer, the F11 Heart Rate Monitor, and the RS800 with her horses. When asked what she likes most about being a Polar trainer, Nancy says, "The best part of being a Polar Trainer is meeting so many different teaching professionals. Going to so many schools gives you a sense of hope for the future of fitness in this country. I believe teachers are using the Technology to teach their students how to be fit. This will follow them for a lifetime. To be part of this movement is truly a wonderful experience!"

Michael Skorup - Polar Technology Trainer since 2012

With a BA in Exercise Science and MA in Exercise Physiology, Michael Skorup has spent the last 12 years specializing in the field of Strength and Conditioning at the collegiate and professional levels and also the private business sector. He is a professional member of the National Strength Coaches Association (NSCA) and has been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist since 2003. Being a strength coach for Central Michigan University and the Arizona Diamondbacks, as well as the Sports Performance Director at Velocity Sports Performance and D1 Sports Training, has brought numerous opportunities to work with and train athletes using Polar technologies. Michael also has substantial experience in the educational setting where he taught exercise sciences courses for Robert Morris University, Chicago and Cincinnati State Technical College. He has delivered many presentations at the local and regional levels and was selected as the Strength Coach for season 3 of the Gatorade Replay Series in 2010. He currently uses the Polar FT80 and Polar Team 2 system to track his personal workouts. When asked what he likes most about being a Polar trainer Michael states, “The best thing about being a trainer is working with fellow coaches, health, fitness and wellness professionals that have the same passion as you for the industry and want to provide the best service for their athletes, students and clients.”

George Centeio – Polar Technology Trainer since 2005

With a M.A. degree in Physical Education with an emphasis in Technology, a Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Secondary Physical Education, and a B.S. degree in Health & Exercise Science. George is the Manager of Training and Education at Polar Electro Inc. George has six years of teaching experience in which he used various Polar technologies and over 10 years of experience coaching football, basketball, and track at both the junior high and high school level. George has conducted hundreds of in person as well as virtual presentations and trainings on the local, state, regional, and national level. In 2004, George was first introduced to Polar Technology when he was recruited to be a graduate student in the Polar Scholar Program in Grundy Center, IA. The Polar Scholar Master’s Degree program was a collaborative effort involving Polar, the University of Northern Iowa, and the Grundy Center School District. From 2004-2009, George taught Physical Education at both Grundy Center high school and middle school, using Polar technology on a daily basis. In that time he conducted many pre and post fitness assessments on students using the Polar Trifit system. He also managed the integration, use, and downloading of Polar heart rate monitors which were used for assessment in all Secondary Physical Education classes. George also utilized the Polar Team 2 system with the high school football and basketball teams. For his own workouts, George enjoys running with his Polar RC3 with GPS and strength training using the Polar Beat App on his iphone. When asked what he likes best about being a Polar Technology Trainer, George states "The thing that I like most about being a trainer is that I am able to assist many schools, universities, health clubs, and others make their programs better and more efficient through the use of Polar Technology. Since I am very passionate about fitness and education, I really enjoy meeting and sharing ideas with teachers from all across the country."