On-Site Training

Polar delivers customized, hands-on professional development programs tailored to meet your school or district's needs while providing long-term benefits for teachers and students. We offer introductory classes for those educators who purchased Polar technology for the first time as well as follow-up, refresher sessions to enable teachers to maintain and improve their knowledge and skills on an annual or semi-annual basis.Each onsite training session is conducted by a Polar Technology Trainer, a physical educator or fitness professional who is part of our highly skilled, nationwide network equipped to assist you in implementing Polar technology. With the Polar Technology Trainers, you can learn how to create or expand your current technology-based physical education program. Plus, Polar will work with you to coordinate a training date, location, and to help choose which courses best meet your training needs. Although it is tempting when purchasing more than one product to try to fit everything into a single training session, it reduces hands-on practice time making it extremely difficult for teachers to develop adequate skills to be successful once training ends. Polar's proven stepped approach will optimize your training and ensure your school receives the most benefit for the invested time.Click on the product to see what each training course includes:* All onsite trainings are scheduled based on availability.

E Series Heart Rate Monitor (HRM) Training *

  • Target heart rate training
  • Features of the E600, E200, and E40 (as applicable)
  • Setting the HRM manually
  • Collecting and recalling heart rate data
  • Lesson ideas and heart rate activities
  • Classroom management of HRMs
  • Setting up the E Series software using the Setup Wizard
  • Programming HRMs via software
  • Downlading the E600 to the E Series software
  • Entering E200 data to the E Series software
  • Creating student and class reports

Polar Active with polargofit.com Training -1 Day*

  • Introduction to activity monitoring
  • Setting the basic settings manually
  • Activity
  • Recalling activity data manually
  • Class management
  • polargofit.com basic set up
  • Setting the Polar Active from polargofit.com
  • Uploading data from the Active to polargofit.com
  • Evaluation
  • Activarium
  • Courses
  • Reports
  • School-wide integration and management
  • Resources

Heart Rate Measurement App Training with polargofit.com

  • Introduction to the polargofit.com
  • Heart Rate Measurement Application
  • The Polar GoFit iPad app
  • polargofit.com basic setup
  • Setting up course information in polargofit.com
  • Class management
  • Using the GoFit app during the course
  • Reviewing course and lesson summaries on the GoFit app and in polargofit.com
  • Reports
  • Student login

TriFIT 700/620 Training w/Pocket TriFIT - 2 Days *

Day One - TriFIT

  • Calibrating the TriFIT
  • Entering students into the TriFIT software
    • Manual entry
    • Importing classlists
  • Creating new records and editing records
  • Selecting appropriate testing protocols
  • Collecting testing data
    • Manually
    • Through automated testing protocols
  • Reporting results with student reports
  • Practice labs for topics covered

Day Two - TriFIT

  • Review and practice of day one topics
  • Lab review
  • Developing cardiovascular and strength training programs with TriFIT
  • Using meal planner (if purchased)
  • Cardio, strength, and meal planner practice labs
  • Using group reporting
  • Curriculum integration discussion
  • Basic operation of a Pocket PC
  • Utilizing Pocket TriFIT with the Companion
One-day TriFIT training is available. However it only covers the basic TriFIT functions listed under Day One.

PE Manager™ Training w/Pocket PE Manager - 2 Day *

Day One - PE Manager

  • PEM set up wizard overview
  • Navigating the main screen of PEM
  • Using the toolbar
  • Selecting and viewing the student, daily, rubric, assignment, and heart rate tabs
  • Creating and viewing student and class reports

Day Two - PE Manager

  • PEM review
  • PEM practice lab and worksheets
  • Using HRM with PEM
  • Pocket PEM
  • Live web update for PEM upgrades
  • Database management and data backup
  • Basic operation of a Pocket PC
  • Utilizing Pocket PE Manager with Companion
One-day PE Manager training is available. However it only covers the basic PE Manager functions listed under Day One.

Contact us at education.division@polar.com to learn more about Polar's onsite training and what courses will best meet your staff development needs.

Training's must now be completed within six months of purchase.