Teacher's Toolbox

All material in the Teacher’s Toolbox is free of charge for you to download and utilize in your health and PE classes.

How Your Fitness Affects your Exercising

View the demo to see how your fitness affects your exercising

E Series Software for Heart Rate Monitors

1. Introduction to the Polar E Series Software
2. Main View of the E Series Program
3. Setting Up the School Term
4. Importing Students, Teachers and Courses
5. Setting Up Courses
6. Adding/Setting Up Teachers
7. Adding Students Manually
8. Creating Student Rosters
9. Setting Up the Heart Rate Monitor Interface
10. Creating Your Heart Rate Monitor Library
11. Assigning Heart Rate Monitors to Students
12. Setting up Defaults
13. Downloading Files from the Heart Rate Monitors
14. Deleting Files from the Heart Rate Monitors
15. Individual Student Reports
16. Class Reports
17. Registration/Web Update

PE Manager

Getting Started

1. Main Screen Overview
2. Live Software Update
3. Database Management


1. Student View
2. Grade book View

Set Up Wizard I

1. OPEN SETUP WIZARD: Opening and navigating the Wizard
2. SCHOOL INFORMATION: School name and calendar
3. TERMS: Setting up grading terms
4. DEFAULTS: Setting activity, alerts, notes and heart rate defaults
5. DAILY ITEMS: Attendance, attire, performance, attitude
6. CUSTOM RUBRICS: Create your own custom rubrics
7. HEART RATE RUBRICS: Create HR rubrics to measure time spent in zone
8. TESTS AND ASSIGNMENTS: Enter point values for tests and assignments

Set Up Wizard II

1. GRADING SCHEMES: Determine what will be graded and the weight
2. COURSES: Enter the courses and course schedules
3. TEACHERS: Enter in teachers and assign to courses they teach
4. STUDENTS: Enter students and assign to courses
5. ROSTERS: Quickly view and manage course rosters
6. HRM INTERFACE: Determine the type of HRM interface you are using
7. HRM LIBRARY: Create a library of all of your Heart Rate Monitors
8. ASSIGN HRM: Assign each student a specific Heart Rate Monitor

Function Tabs

1. Student
2. Daily
3. Rubrics
4. Tests and Assignments
5. Heart Rate


1. PE Report Card
2. Heart Rate Reports
3. Class Reports
4. Batch Printing

Pocket PE Manager

1. Open Pocket PE Manager
2. Syncing Pocket PE Manager
3. Enter Attendance and Attire
4. Enter Performance and Attitude Data
5. Enter Heart Rate Information
6. Enter Rubric Information
7. Enter Assignment, Notes, and Alerts

Teacher's Toolbox

All material in the Teacher’s Toolbox is free of charge for you to download and utilize in your health and PE classes.

Support Materials

Lessons for Life Teacher’s Guidebook
From this teacher’s guidebook, you’ll learn the benefits of activity and heart rate monitoring, and get advice on how to use the monitors in your own classes and incorporate them into your lesson plans. The book is available as an environmental friendly e-version and will be published as a print version as well.

Polar Move Getting Started Guide
A quick guide that introduces the main functionality of the Polar Move heart rate monitor in simple quick-to-learn terms.

Heart Rate Zone Poster
The Heart Rate Zone Chart will allow your students to decipher what heart rate zone they are in during PE class. There are 3 different zones that the students can be categorized under: Active, Heart Healthy, and Performance. The zone poster helps students see the benefit of which zone they are in.

Teacher's Toolbox

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