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TriFIT 700 system

The TriFIT 700 system is an integrated health management system that includes everything a teacher needs to perform complete health profiles of individuals and groups. Additionally, teachers can create customized exercise and nutrition programs for each student, to help instill healthy habits and a lifetime of wellness.

TriFIT system’s systematic collection of data supplies physical educators with accurate measures for internal and external indicators of fitness Used with TriFIT software, physical educators are able to provide documented feedback to students, parents, and school administrators.

  • Measure biometrics, body composition, flexibility, cardiovascular endurance and muscular strength and endurance
  • Efficient and effective reporting to document the impact of your program
  • FITNESSGRAM-compatible
  • Provides large selection of popular youth specific protocols, including President’s Challenge
Fitness assessments
Interactive Fitness Testing Equipment
Testing Equipment
TriFIT Software