Guides your strength training with heart rate based recovery periods between sets

Creates a training program based on your personal goals and sets new weekly training targets

The Polar Fitness test measures your aerobic fitness at rest and tells you your progress

Comes with Polar FlowLink® for effortless data transfer to your online training diary at polarpersonaltrainer.com via both Mac and PC


Smart Coaching Features

  • Fitness Test

    Fitness Test

    Tells you exactly how your fitness is developing.

  • OwnZone


    Guides you to train at the right intensity.

  • Smart Calories

    Smart Calories

    Lets you know exactly how many calories you’ve burned.

  • Relaxation Test

    Relaxation Test

    Tells you quickly and easily how relaxed you are.

  • STAR Training Program

    STAR Training Program

    A personal training program on your wrist.

  • Strength Training Guidance

    Strength Training Guidance

    Helps you get better results in less time.

  • Training load

    Training load

    Shows you how your training affects your body


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