Polar Cardio GX software

Polar Cardio GX software is specifically designed for group exercise in clubs, and it is the key to the Cardio GX system.

Training Calendar

Creating a Cardio GX session couldn’t be any easier:

  • name the training sessions
  • define the start time and duration of the session
  • sign up the exercisers to the session by clicking the date and time in the training calendar
These settings are further simplified with the exerciser management list and the calendar view, which help you better manage recurring and past group exercise classes.

Sign-Up for Session

Sign up for a session is as easy. With Cardio GX 2.0, members can sign into a class with the instructor or at the reception desk using the new Reception Tool.

At sign-in, the club member can choose to input their basic personal information or complete personal information in order to see their calories burned during class and receive a detailed training report after class.

Last but not least the club members put on the comfortable Soft strap and everything’s set for the group exercise class. Club members can follow their heart rate and calories burned on the screen. If a member arrives late after the session has begun, the new Late arrival feature lets you easily add them to the class.

Training Session

Polar Cardio GX 2.0 provides you with all the necessary features for monitoring real-time heart rate information in grid view on the screen and laptop during the session. It even provides an animated tool for you to introduce the benefits of heart rate training to the class. The Zone Reward and Calorie Bonus features help to keep the class motivated with fun, on screen prizes.

After the class, use the summary report to show the training effect of the session. Additionally, you can automatically email club members a detailed training report, highlighting calories burned, time spent in each heart rate zone, and the training benefit of the workout session.

Customize the report to advertise club services such as personal training or special promotions to your members. Cardio GX 2.0 can display up to 28 heart rates simultaneously per base station, providing real-time heart rate monitoring for both the instructor and club members. Base stations can be linked together, raising the maximum number of simultaneous heart rates up to 80.

System Settings

Polar Cardio GX 2.0 is easy to install with the CD tutorial and PC software setup wizard. The software includes session and system properties where you can modify their settings. You can add settings for all different kinds of group exercise classes your club is offering and adjust their intensity levels. The best part is that you have to establish these settings just once when you install the software and enter your session and system properties.

Polar Cardio GX 2.0 software allows you to manage the system from the base station to the transmitters. The battery indicator shows which connectors need charging after each class.

Customize the display to advertise club services such as personal training or special promotions during your classes. Cardio GX 2.0 software includes support for English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese.