Polar Precision Performance SW v.4 free download

Polar Precision Performance SW is a ground-breaking analysis software that gives you high-tech tools for gathering and studying the data from your Polar product. The software is designed for PC Windows environment (not supported e.g. for Mac or Linux). It enables you to design your training sessions, build a personal resource of past routines, reports and performance details, or send settings and reminders to your Polar product. For system requirements, please refer to Related Documents.

The software is compatible with these Polar products:


It also offers support for these older Polar products:

Depending on the monitor you have, you can use all or some of the features the Polar Precision Performance software offers. Run the software installation from here.

Then update the software after installation.

Transferring Data
You can transfer data from your Polar product to the Polar Precision Performance SW either via SonicLink or Infrared. For more information on how to transfer, see software HelpHow to transfer exercise data...

To edit your Polar product settings, you can use either UpLink or Infrared. For more information on how to edit settings, see software Help How to transfer settings...

Polar Precision Performance SW on Windows Vista/7
The Polar Precision Performance SW is not supported for Windows Vista and 7 operating systems. In our tests, however, the software has installed on both Vista and 7. If you would like to try the software on your Vista/7, after installation please update the software from here before launching it on your computer.

Want to upgrade?
If you want to upgrade from Polar Precision Performance SW, please read about Polar ProTrainer 5 – the next generation software.

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