Polar G3 GPS Sensor W.I.N.D. (included), uses cutting edge SIRF III GPS sensor technology to give speed and distance in cross-sport activities, ultra tough and water resistant to 20m.

Route Tracking - with the Polar G3 GPS sensor W.I.N.D. you can record, share and view your track on Google Earth™

Barometric Altitude, accumulated ascent and descent, with inclinometer - ideal for route evaluation and profiling.

Multisensor capability means that you have both a cutting edge multifunction bike computer, along with a sophisticated running computer with advanced stride sensing capabilities, on your wrist; just add the appropriate (optional) wireless W.I.N.D. sensors.

Cycling Computer - just add the Polar CS Speed Sensor W.I.N.D. and the Polar CS Cadence Sensor W.I.N.D. accessores, and you have cutting edge multifunction bike computer functions on your wrist.

Running Computer - just add the Polar S3 Stride Sensor miniature footpod, with advanced stride sensing capabilities including running cadence and average stride length, to truly understand your running; and you have a sophisticated running computer on your wrist.

Training Planning - Plan your training and synchronise your training plan onto your wrist unit with all your personal settings, for ultimate control.

Computer Aided Training - Synchronizes with the Polar ProTrainer 5 software (included) to download, plan, track and analyse your training.

IR Data™ - connect to your computer uses high speed Infra Red port technology with bi-directional communication. (Polar IrDa USB Adaptor included). 

WebLink™ enabled - link your training summaries using IR Data™ technology to www.polarpersonaltrainer.com