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Matti Heikkinen

Matti Heikkinen


2 bronze medals in Liberec 2009 (15 km classical and relay)

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Born: 19. December 1983 in Kajaani, Finland Sport: Cross-country skiing Club: Vantaan Hiihtoseura HRmax: 197 VO2 max: 85

Matti Heikkinen made a surprise debut on the podium in Liberec 2009 with a bronze medal in the 15 km classical cross-country skiing. For years heart rate monitoring was the single most important benefit of using Polar products for him. Now that he’s training at the professional level, altitude differences and the length of inclines have become important as well. In the challenging mountain terrain, it has been extremely beneficial to analyze his training using the Polar ProTrainer 5 software. In addition, the software has been useful when his coach hasn’t been able to attend training sessions.

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