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How to do Strava Live Segments like a pro

What do pro cyclists love about Strava Live Segments? We talked to Reto Indergand from BMC Mountainbike Racing Team to find out. 

What’s the best part about Strava Live Segments?

For me, the best thing is the real-time data: where the segment starts, how much distance is still to be covered and if I’m ahead of time or late.

Do you have any favorite segments? What are they and why are they your favorite?

Amsteg – Sustenpass the challenge is my favorite. This pass is just outside my parents‘ doorstep. It’s 28,5 km long and 1647m of vertical climbing. I have the KOM there with 1:31:50.

Valley of the Tears in Gran Canaria is also one of my favorites. Every year during the training camp with the Swiss National Team we try to crack the record. It’s actually super fast and impossible to crack without being prepared for it. It has become a prestigious segment.

How does doing Strava Live Segments compare to an actual race?

It’s somewhere between a time trial and a race in a peloton. You’re alone on your bike (like in a time trial) but you can see where your competitors are (like in a peloton race). Everyone gets to compare themselves with others. With Live Segments, racing became possible at any time and almost everywhere.

What tips would you give to anyone getting into Strava Live Segments?

Keep your eyes on the road and always pay attention to traffic. It’s easy to get totally into your computer and data. And always keep it fun, even if you’re going for the KOM!

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