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Polar M200

Polar M200 sports watch for running with 24/7 activity tracker

Track your activity with the Polar M200 sports watch for running. Accurate on-wrist heart rate monitoring and integrated GPS make this water-resistant watch your trusty sports partner.

Find the joy of running

The best workout is the one you do. The easy-to-use Polar M200 with wrist-based heart rate monitoring motivates and guides you every step of the way.

Train easy with wrist-based heart rate

The Polar M200 sports watch measures your heart rate from the wrist. Just tighten the changeable wristband and you’re ready to train.*

*In some sports we recommend a heart rate chest strap for optimal accuracy. Read more about wrist-based heart rate measurement HERE.

Put yourself on the map

Track your speed, distance and route with the built-in GPS.

Get active and stay active

Running Programme is a free running plan made just for you and your needs. Choose from four target distances, 5K, 10K, half-marathon and marathon, and specify the date when you’d like to run that distance.

Heart rate training makes every minute count

Heart rate training is one of the most effective training methods. Measure your heart rate from the wrist and see your current heart rate zone on the screen.

Individual training targets

Make your own targets and sync them to your watch. It then guides you through your workout.

Motivating feedback from your workouts

Training Benefit delivers motivating feedback immediately after training describing the effect of the session. Available on Polar Flow.

Calorie burn spot on

Smart calories tells you exactly how many calories you’ve burned based on your weight, height, age, gender, your individual maximum heart rate (HR max) and how hard you’re training.

Polar Flow – the home of your data

Track your activity, analyse your progress and achieve more with Polar Flow – the complete fitness and training platform available on desktop and mobile.

You can also automatically sync your training data to other services such as MyFitnessPal, Endomondo and Nike+ Run Club. See all compatible apps here.


See all your training data and follow your progress. Analyse quickly in the app and in depth in the web service. Add all your sports, plan your workouts and set up a training program for a running event.

Activity & sleep

Track your daily activity and sleep, see your daily, weekly and monthly summaries and learn about the health benefits of your daily choices.

Features and technical specifications


Feature highlights

Running Programme
Running Programme

Train for a running event with a personal and adaptive training plan in Polar Flow. Choose from four different targets, 5K, 10K, half marathon and marathon, and get a training plan that fits you and your goals.

Running Index
Running Index

Shows how your running performance is developing. Available on Polar Flow.

Sport profiles

Polar provides over a hundred different sport profiles which enables you to choose the right one for your training sessions.

Smart calories

Keep track of the calories you’ve burned. You’ll be able to see the calories burned during each training session and for the whole day.

Phone notifications

Phone notifications allow you to see notifications from your phone directly on the screen of your M200.

Fun running displays

Compare your current speed with the world record speed for a marathon or check what your Cooper test result would be with your current pace.

Other Smart Coaching features

Activity guide

Shows how active you’ve been during the day and gives practical guidance for reaching your daily activity goal.

Activity benefit
Activity Benefit

Gives feedback on your daily, weekly and monthly activity, showing how your active choices help you stay healthy.

Training load
Training Load

See how your training affects your body and compare the load of different sessions. Available in Polar Flow.

Training Benefit
Training Benefit

Get motivating feedback immediately after training, describing the effect of the session. Available in Polar Flow.

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