Continuous heart rate tracking with Polar

Follow your heart rate around the clock with Polar’s automatic and intelligent continuous heart rate solution and get the full benefits of heart rate monitoring. Polar’s proprietary wrist-based heart rate solution tracks your heart rate from the wrist easily and comfortably all day and night.

Inside the tech

Polar’s continuous wrist-based heart rate

Continuous heart rate tracking with Polar is dynamic, intelligent and optimised. It takes advantage of Polar’s proprietary optical heart rate solution that measures your heart rate with the help of LED lights and a light-detecting photodiode. The LED’s shine green light on the skin, and the photodiode measures the intensity of the light reflecting back. Polar’s scientifically developed algorithm translates this data into heart rate readings.

Dynamic heart rate tracking

The intelligent technology checks your heart rate at regular short intervals. It detects if your heart rate is high and automatically records it until your heart rate goes down.

Intensity detection

When your arm is moving and the accelerometer on your Polar product detects a high activity level, heart rate recording will start automatically.

Lowest heart rate

When you haven’t been moving for a while, your Polar product automatically starts to record heart rate to look for the lowest heart rate of the day. For the lowest heart rate of the night, your heart rate is checked at regular short intervals during your sleep.

Polar’s continuous wrist-based heart rate
Track your heart rate 24/7 with Polar

Track your heart rate 24/7 with Polar

These Polar products come with continuous heart rate.

Get to know your heart

Your heart is the most important muscle in your body. Every heart and every body is unique — knowing how your heart behaves helps you know your whole body better. When you follow your heart rate, you always know how hard your body is working.

Track every move

When you have a goal, you don’t want to miss anything. With the combination of continuous heart rate monitoring and 24/7 activity tracking, all your daily activity is tracked even more precisely — even activities with very little wrist movement (such as cycling) are counted towards your goal.

Discover continuous heart rate tracking and get credit for every heart-pumping moment.

Smarter calories

Knowing exactly how many calories you’ve burned can help you find the right balance between nutrition, activity and working out. Your heart rate shows you how hard your body is working, and when your heart rate readings get combined with your activity data, your calorie burn calculations become even more precise.

When it comes to reaching weight goals, balance is the key: when you know how many calories you’ve burned, you’ll be able to refuel right.

Know your day by heart

Continuous heart rate tracking provides a full overview of how your heart rate varies during the day and night. See the changes in your heart rate and find all those important active moments of your day.

There are many things apart from physical activity that can cause changes in your heart rate, such as emotions and stress. Continuous heart rate helps you see all these moments as well.

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