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Stay energized during a long session

When you’re doing a long training session or race, it’s crucial to maintain adequate energy and hydration levels. FuelWise™ is a smart fueling assistant that helps you find the optimal way to refuel your body during a longer session so you’ll be able to keep going and perform at your best.

Avoid hitting the wall

Tend to forget fueling on the way? The smart fueling reminder tells you when it’s time to refuel and helps you maintain adequate energy levels throughout your session.

Know how much to bring

FuelWise gives you an estimation of how much carbs you’ll need to consume during your session, so you’ll know how much fuel you need to bring with you.

Find the optimal way to fuel your body

FuelWise offers you a personalized fueling wireframe that you can adjust according to your individual needs so that it works for your body in the optimal way.

Stay energized with the smart carbs reminder

FuelWise™ automatically calculates how much carbs you need for your session. It monitors your energy expenditure during the session and adjusts the automatic fueling reminders to match your carbs consumption so that you’ll feel energized all the way to finish.

Set drink reminders to stay hydrated

You can also set yourself a drink reminder at your chosen intervals, and FuelWise™ makes sure you remember to hydrate regularly.

The science

The ability to digest carbs during physical activity is highly individual. This is why FuelWise links your training background and other physical parameters to the recommended carbs intake rate to calculate the frequency of the fueling reminders. It also adjusts the reminders according to the duration and intensity of your session.

Read our whitepaper on the subject.

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How FuelWise works

Before you start your session, set the estimated duration and intensity. FuelWise will estimate the amount of carbs you'll need and automatically remind you to fuel on the way.

You can also set the reminder manually to repeat at your chosen intervals.

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