Personalize any watch for any style and any need.


Replace or upgrade your Polar Sensor chest straps or arm bands.

Power & Cables

For charging your products and data transfer.

Mounts & Adapters

Adapt your product for any situation.





Polar Wellness

Enhance the mind, body, and soul of your customers.

Polar Wellness Algorithms are backed by nearly 50 years of life optimization.

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Promote a sense of well-being with intuitive algorithms.

Invest in the overall wellness of your customers with our Wellness algorithms to help improve physical and mental well-being. Reduce stress, improve sleep, and boost your customer’s energy levels.


What is Serene™?

The perfect way to calm the mind, body, and soul, Serene™ is a revolutionary algorithm that helps to improve focus, relaxation, and overall well-being through guided breathing exercises.

Guided Breathing Exercises

Promote calm and relaxation with a simple and enjoyable guided experience that can be done anywhere, anytime.

Promote Better Breathing

Guide customers towards the optimal breathing patterns and techniques for focus, relaxation, and well-being.

Enhance Overall Well-being

Increase your customer’s sense of relaxation and mindfulness, and reduce the effects of stress in everyday life.


Serene™ Breathing Exercise


How Serene™ Can Benefit Your Business:

By implementing Serene™ in your products and services, you can help to promote your customers’ overall sense of well-being, calm, and relaxation whilst reducing the effects of stress so they can feel better each day.

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Walking Test

What is Walking Test?

An innovative algorithm for assessing aerobic fitness that can be done in a 15-minute walk. Walking Test estimates customer fitness based on distance walked, heart rate, and personal demographics.


A simple test that is safe and suitable for those who can walk for 15 minutes on level ground.

Estimates VO2max

Calculates individual maximal aerobic capacity (VO2max) and fitness levels according to age and gender.

Monitor Long-Term Progress

A low-impact, low-intensity test that can be performed regularly to compare previous results, and follow current progress.




How Walking Test Can Benefit Your Business:

By implementing Walking Test in your products and services, you can provide your customers with a simple way to estimate their cardiorespiratory fitness level with a test they can do themselves.

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