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Polar Sleep

Realize your customer’s dreams of better sleep.

Polar Sleep algorithms are backed by a decade of studying how people sleep.

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Wake up to better sleep with industry-leading algorithms.

Unlock the power of advanced sleep analysis with our best-in-class algorithms, designed to provide the most accurate and personalized sleep data on the market. Polar Sleep algorithms help your customers discover their overnight recovery, sleep insights, and daily alertness levels, so they can wake up better prepared to realize their dreams.

Nightly Recharge™

What is Nightly Recharge™?

A unique algorithm that combines sleep data with heart rate variability (HRV) measurements to analyze the overnight recovery of the autonomic nervous system during sleep.

Personalized recovery insights

Nightly Recharge™ indicates how well the body was able to recover from the strain of training and stress of the day.

Nightly recharge status

Shows how well the body recovered from training and stress overnight to advise if the body is ready for training, or if it’s better to rest that day.

Actionable insights

Daily insights and recommendations help customers learn about their sleep and training routines so they can make adjustments.

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Nightly Recharge


How Polar Nightly Recharge™ can benefit your business

Integrating Polar Nightly Recharge™ into your products or services can provide unique and personalized insights for your customers to help them improve their sleep, recovery, performance and overall well-being.

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Sleep Plus Stages™

What is Sleep Plus Stages™?

A cutting-edge algorithm that tracks the amount, and the different stages, of sleep, including REM, light, and deep sleep to provide valuable insights into sleep quality and behavior.

Accurate Sleep Tracking

Precise measurements of sleep stages allows for a more comprehensive understanding of the amount, quality, and timing of sleep.

Sleep Quality Insights

Valuable insights including the duration and frequency of sleep to help individuals identify patterns their sleep behavior.

Improves Sleep Behavior

By tracking sleep habits, customers can learn how various factors or actions affect the quality of their sleep.

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Sleep Plus Stages


How Polar Sleep Plus Stages™ can benefit your business

By integrating the Sleep Plus Stages algorithm into your products or services, you can offer your customers a comprehensive solution with accurate measurements and insights to track and improve their sleep habits and quality.

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What is SleepWise™?

An innovative algorithm that uses advanced sleep tracking and insights to provide a comprehensive understanding of sleep patterns and how they affect daily alertness levels.

Automatic Tracking

Monitors the duration and quality of an individual’s sleep automatically.

Estimated Daily Alertness Levels

Provides an outlook of the day’s alertness levels and suggested bedtime to help customers plan their days more effectively.

Identifies Patterns in Sleep

Uses advanced analytics to spot patterns in sleep behavior to help customer’s make changes in their routines.

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How SleepWise™ can benefit your business

By incorporating SleepWise™ into your products and services, you can offer customers a more holistic understanding of their sleep patterns and behavior to improve their sleep and daytime performance.

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