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Polar Performance Algorithms are backed by nearly 50 years of pushing the limits in athlete performance.

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Performance-enhancing algorithms for athletes.

Unlock the athlete’s full potential with our powerful Performance algorithms for unparalleled analysis and evaluation of biometric data, personal demographics, and training history. Whether a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, Polar Performance algorithms help to identify areas for improvement, track progress, and make data-driven decisions to enhance the performance of your customers.

Running Test

What is Running Test?

Running Test is an advanced algorithm that measures running performance and provides detailed insights into a runners fitness. By analyzing running data, including heart rate and speed, Running Test accurately calculates the individual’s VO2max.

Detailed Running Metrics

Running Test provides accurate measurements of running performance, including VO2max, and maximal aerobic speed (MAS).

Personalized Training Guidance

With insights based on the individual’s running data, customers can learn how to optimize their training to improve their running performance.

Long-Term Performance Tracking

Customers can track their running performance over time and make adjustments to their training to improve their running.


How Running Test Can Benefit Your Business

By integrating Running Test into your product or service, you can offer your customers advanced running metrics with long-term performance tracking to help them improve their running.

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Fitness Test

What is Fitness Test?

Fitness Test is an algorithm that has been scientifically proven to estimate aerobic fitness level in just five minutes. By analyzing heart rate, heart rate variability, and personal demographics at rest, Fitness Test calculates VO2max and provides personalized feedback on fitness levels.

Quick and Easy Assessment

Accurate aerobic fitness level assessment in just five minutes that can be performed whilst lying down.

Personalized Feedback

Fitness Test provides the individual with their VO2max score and estimated fitness level according to their gender and age to help them plan, and set training targets.

Easy Integration

Plug Fitness Test into your product or service for quick and simple fitness assessments that require no extra effort, or equipment.


How Fitness Test Can Benefit Your Business

By integrating Fitness Test into your product or service, you can offer your customers a quick and easy way to assess their aerobic fitness and receive personalized feedback on their fitness level.

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What is HillSplitter™?

HillSplitter™ is a unique algorithm designed for outdoor sports that analyzes the incline and decline of a route. Using barometric and GPS inputs, HillSplitter™ provides real-time feedback on uphill and downhill performance, helping to maximize training and performance.

Optimize Outdoor Sessions

Boost performance with detailed insights for uphill and downhill performance on a route.

Personalized Feedback

The algorithm factors in essential movement datapoints, as well as ascent and descent time, distance, and speed, to guide and motivate the individual.

Enhance User Experience

HillSplitter™ can plug-in to your product or service to become an essential tool for your customers looking for accuracy and personal performance metrics.

How HillSplitter™ Can Benefit Your Business

By integrating HillSplitter into your product or service, you can offer your customers a unique and effective way to optimize their outdoor sports performance with personalized, real-time feedback to help them explore, and push, their limits.

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Cadence from Wrist

What is Cadence from Wrist?

An algorithm designed to measure running cadence using wrist-based data to help customers analyze their running performance in real-time and maintain an optimal cadence during runs.

Accurate Cadence Measurement

Measurements from the wrist provide accurate data for calculating the live cadence of the runner.

Real-Time Data

Give instant feedback on cadence during a run to help customers stay on track.

Optimal Cadence Guidance

The algorithm provides data to help runners monitor their performance and identify required adjustments in stride and rhythm.

How can Cadence from Wrist benefit your business?

This algorithm can be integrated into wearables and other products to offer users a more complete fitness experience. With the Cadence from Wrist algorithm, you can provide customers with an effective tool to help them achieve their fitness goals.

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What is FuelWise™?

Help your customers get more out of their workouts with FuelWise™, Polar's advanced algorithm for smart fueling and hydration reminders during exercise.

Smart Fueling Assistant

Help customers maintain their energy during training sessions with smart reminders for drinks and refueling.

Performance Optimization

Help customers find the right balance for the supply and demand of fuel their bodies need and use during training sessions.

Personalized Calculations

FuelWise™ takes into account metrics such as age, weight, height, heart rate thresholds, and training background to estimate individual fuel needs.


How can FuelWise™ benefit your business?

By integrating FuelWise™ into your products and services, you can ensure your customers fuel their bodies in the right way for effective, improved training and performance.

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