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Replace or upgrade your Polar Sensor chest straps or arm bands.

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Preparation is key for the success of your organisation.

Our solutions help organisations and teams train consistently at the optimal levels, facilitate quicker recovery, and improve the long-term resiliency and readiness of your units.

Trusted by emergency services and defence departments worldwide.

Stronger, faster, longer, ready.

Ensure your units are in the best condition and always prepared to maximize their training and success with military-grade human performance body monitoring, in-depth data analysis, and extensive insights and guidance.

Monitor the performance of a unit.

Track the short-term effect of sessions on individuals, and understand the long-term effects on the collective performance, recovery, and readiness.

We understand readiness

With over 40 years of scientific research and development in sports and athlete performance, the products and solutions we make have been fine-tuned to accurately assess and understand the condition of the human body.

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Branches of US Military


Branches of US Federal Law Enforcement

+ 450

Patents registered


Published studies

Peak physical and mental conditioning

Ensure the health, fitness, resilience, and readiness of your units with key performance indicators and cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, and central nervous system tracking to measure and monitor stress.

Training Loads

Monitor cardio and muscle loads from training to provide units with insights they can act on.


Improve the productivity and effectiveness of a unit with personal key performance metrics.


Measure and understand individual recovery to make informed decisions and minimize risks.

HR Zones

Track and determine individual heart rate zones and adjust or customize the training intensity.

The military standard human performance technology.

Polar Watches

Polar Grit X

Polar Grit X is an uncompromising combination of rugged and durable design, top training features and the possibilities of Polar Flow, the ultimate training platform.

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Polar Grit X Pro

Built for military-level durability with sapphire glass and ultra-long battery life. Polar Grit X Pro equips you with new navigation tools, aerobic and anaerobic tests, and Polar’s ultimate training solutions.

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Polar HR Sensors

Polar H10

When it comes to accuracy and connectivity, Polar H10 heart rate sensor is the go-to choice. Monitor your heart rate with maximum precision and connect your heart rate to a great variety of training devices with Bluetooth® and ANT+.

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Polar Verity Sense

Polar Verity Sense is an optical heart rate monitor that provides you with maximum freedom of movement and multiple options for viewing and recording your workouts. With Bluetooth®, ANT+, and internal memory, you can connect Polar Verity Sense to a sports watch or app to see your workout in real time, or view your data afterwards.

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Polar API

Connect to your dashboards and systems

Pull data-points from activity, training, sleep, recovery, and other biomarkers.

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Explore our other solutions.


High-performance tracking for high-performing teams.

Trusted by professional sports teams around the world.

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Better, simpler, smarter coaching.

Remove the guesswork with pro-level solutions for groups and individuals—for FREE.

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The science behind our technology, products, and services.


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