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Trail running

Join The Race To Save Endangered Animals With Run Wild 2020

Make an impact with your runs this month by helping save three endangered species.

Our friends at adidas Runtastic are on a mission to get one million runners to Run Wild 2020 for nature and save one million species threatened with extinction.

Ready to make a difference? Here’s how to get involved.

What is Run Wild 2020?

From September 25 till October 4, 2020, one million runners around the world will be taking part in the Run Wild challenge on the adidas Running app

Every runner will have the chance to help raise awareness for a species that is matched with their distance level. You can race an African elephant, Bengal tiger, or even a beautiful pangolin by tracking your runs every day.

Plus, you can learn about the everyday life of the animal you are supporting and discover how we can help prevent their extinction.

Run Wild 2020 Bengal tiger CREDIT adidas Runtastic

Why should you take part?

In a landmark report released last year by the UN’s Biodiversity and Ecosystem Services (IPBES) committee, scientists issued a stark warning about the future of our animal and marine life.

One million of the planet’s eight million species are threatened with extinction by humans, as our ever-growing population erodes the natural world. 

As a result, adidas Runtastic is calling on UN leaders to take action. Run Wild 2020 will be recognized by the UN General Assembly’s Biodiversity Summit, which is taking place in New York at the end of September. 

By running wild this month, you will be helping to support and raise awareness for three very important beneficiaries: 

  • Space for Giants – an international conservation charity based in Kenya that protects Africa’s landscapes and elephants. 30% of the African elephant population has declined in just 7 years. 
  • Global Tiger Center – an international research project based in Bhutan that is working to secure the future of all tigers. There are now only 3,900 Bengal tigers left in the wild.
  • Pangolin Project – a non-profit organization based in Kenya, dedicated to pangolin conservation research and protection. 3,000,000 pangolins are killed every year for their scales.
Run Wild 2020 African elephant CREDIT adidas Runtastic

How can you get involved?

Download the adidas Running app and join the Run Wild challenge.

You have three options, depending on how far you usually run every day:

  • Pangolin – for low distance runners, who run around 1km a day.
  • Bengal tiger – for medium distance runners, who run around 5–7km a day.
  • African elephant – for high distance runners, who run around 10–12km a day.

Once you have selected your endangered animal, you will see how far they run each day and be able to match your runs with them by tracking your kilometers on the app.

You will also see daily posts about your selected animal in your newsfeed, telling you about their everyday life and how you can help raise awareness for their plight.

Run Wild 2020 pangolin CREDIT adidas Runtastic

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