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Polar Research Library Reaches 10 000 References Milestone

On the Polar Research Library website, we list different studies that use Polar technology, products, and services in scientific research. The list includes references to studies found on four major databases: PubMed Central, Science Direct, Scopus, Scopus and SpringerLink.

After conducting a new database search, we just added a record-breaking number of studies that were published during 2021. With the addition of 1 493 novel studies, now our research library includes 11 041 study references. This figure is larger than the combined number of studies that used competitors’ technology.

Every year, a bigger number of Polar-related studies is added to these four major databases, confirming that Polar technologies and devices are a trusted choice within the research community and is preferred over competitors’ products. Polar technology is commonly used in studies about training, fitness, health, and various diseases. Polar H10, H7, and OH1 heart rate monitors are often used in research. Watches like the M Series and Polar V800 are also popular in research studies.

In 2021, 12 studies used Polar products as reference technology.

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