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Running with Polar Flow and Nike+ Run Club

Polar Flow Connects With Nike+ Run Club

To use your running data more effectively and effortlessly, you can connect your Polar Flow account with Nike+ Run Club. By connecting these two apps, youc an track your runs with your Polar product, sync them to Polar Flow and they’ll be automatically synced to the Nike+ Run Club app available for iOS and Android.

You can then more effortlessly make the best of Polar Flow running data and the benefits of the Nike+ Run Club social community.

To help motivate you to stick to goals and have fun while reaching them, you can use the Nike+ Run Club to:

  • Compare and compete with friends and fellow runners on leaderboards.
  • Customize post-run sharing by adding photos and stickers.
  • Get motivation from Nike athletes like Kevin Hart, Mo Farrah and Allyson Felix.

How to Connect Polar Flow With Nike+ Run Club

To get started, log into your Polar Flow app or web account, go to settings, locate the new Nike+ link and choose to connect your Flow account with Nike+.

How To use Polar Flow with Nike+ Run Club?

The connection between Polar Flow and Nike+ Run Club works one way: all the runs you track with a Polar product are synced first to Polar Flow and from there on to Nike+ Run Club. You’ll then see your session stats in the Nike+ Run Club app without the need to manually enter them.

Polar Flow keeps you connected

The connectivity with Nike+ Run Club is one of the benefits our growing group of partnerships entails for Polar users.

Here are some of the other connections available via Polar Flow:

See the list of all the apps compatible with Polar Flow, get connected and get the most out of running!

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