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Running Performance Test

Running Performance Test

Test Your Performance And Personalize Your Heart Rate, Speed & Power Zones

Know where your running performance is now and personalize your heart rate, speed and power zones so that you'll always make the most of your runs. You can also find out your maximum heart rate with the test.

Run On Your Own Level

Having your personal heart rate, speed and power zones nailed will make your running more meaningful than ever. Your running and your training can now always be based 100% on your current fitness level, without any extra equipment or expense.

Get Multiple Insights Into Your Running Performance

Your maximum aerobic speed (MAS), maximum aerobic power (MAP) and VO2max all intertwine in the story of your long-distance running performance.

Knowing your MAS, MAP and VO2max gives you a robust basis for planning your training so that your performance improves and you don't overtrain.

Train More Effectively Than Ever

Make sure it's all personalized for your particular situation and needs. The Running Performance Test works for each and every runner, from beginners to pros.

Go All Out With Maximal Test

Great for experienced runners who know their abilities well. You’ll reach your maximum heart rate in the Maximal test.

Take It Cooler With Submaximal test

Go up to 85% of your maximum heart rate for reliable results, and repeat as often as you like.

The Science

Running performance test is based on the University of Montreal Track Test.

Read our whitepaper on the subject.

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How It Works

Start the test conveniently on your watch in the Tests menu.

You'll find instructions as well as your previous results in the menu.

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