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Polar Physical Education Solutions

Jump-start physical education with technology

Polar GoFit service encompasses all three aspects of our solution: activity tracking, live heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment. Our technology can be used to promote motivation and accountability among students while bringing documentation and objective assessment to PE programs.

Physical Education Ecosystem

Polar Education Solutions include Polar heart rate monitors, activity monitors and fitness assessment software.

Benefits of Polar Physical Education Solutions

Overview is the home base of Polar physical education solutions, supported by the Polar GoFit App available on the iPad. The Polar GoFit service encompasses all three aspects of our solution: activity tracking, live heart rate monitoring and fitness assessment.

Activity Measurement

Activity monitoring is based on body movement -showing students in a fun and easy way how active they are throughout the day.

Polar Active Activity Monitor
Designed for teachers who want to improve the health and fitness of their students through activity tracking. With the built-in accelerometer the Polar Active indicates activity levels using animated figures, displaying time spent in five activity zones (very easy to vigorous+).

  • Measures 24/7 daily activity and tracks movement
  • Displays steps, calories, time spent in activity zones and calculates MVPA
  • Provides instant activity feedback with an animated figure
  • Compatible with and Activarium

Heart Rate Measurement

Heart Rate Monitoring
Heart rate monitoring is an easy and fun way for students to learn about the health benefits of staying in different target heart rate zones.

Polar GoFit App
Use Polar GoFit App with either Polar H7 Bluetooth® Smart heart rate sensors or A360 wrist-based heart rate to track live heart rate and upload to analyze longitudinal data. Polar GoFit App provides a unique insight into student’s effort levels during PE class by displaying live heart rate, time spend in their target heart rate zones and calories burned for up to 60 users on your iPad. Students can collect badges and motivate one another, giving a new dimension to their activity.

Compare and analyze
You can see summary data after the lesson and compare all ongoing courses you have. The data is saved automatically to for later analysis and evaluation.

What you need
All you need is an iPad with the Polar GoFit App, a user account to and Polar H7 Bluetooth Smart heart rate sensors or Polar A360 fitness trackers for the students.

Fitness Assessment

Polar Fitness Assessment makes it easy for students and teachers to track and access fitness scores. It provides motivating information about their fitness levels and areas of improvement. Teachers can track and evaluate students' fitness and guide them to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

  • Create custom fitness test templates based on your needs.
  • Choose from over 13 criterion referenced tests.
  • Share how-to videos for each test with your students.
  • Enter student results directly to web service or on any web enabled device.
  • View students scores compared to age and gender specific standards.
  • Run student reports with current and previous test results that provides feedback and tips on how to improve.
  • Students and parents have access to scores and feedback through their personalized login and password.

Polar GoFit Webservice is designed for students, teachers and administrators to easily track and monitor student’s heart rate, activity and fitness throughout the semester

Create courses
Create heart rate courses or activity periods to set targets and evaluate students objectively based on their performance.

Report and analyze
Create individual and group reports, track long-term progress for each student and class. Store student data and share it with parents and administrators through individual online logins.

Active with Activarium
Activarium is a module within In Activarium, students and teachers can play an engaging game where they collaborate to create an aquarium by achieving daily activity targets.


PE essentials

All you need to keep Polar Educations Solutions up and running.


Teacher’s Toolbox

The Teacher’s Toolbox includes documents that you can download and use for free.

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