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Polar 360
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Designed for individuals, but made for business: your customers, your employees, your people.

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Small But mighty

Compact and just 13g, but water-resistant up to 30m and built for everyday use.

All-Day Sensing

Optical heart rate powered by Polar Precision Prime™ for constant health and performance monitoring.

Multi-Day Battery Life

Up to 5 days of use on a single charge with the included USB charging cable.

Elegant & Comfortable

Stylish sleek design with detachable, washable textile band made for all-day wear.

Imagine if a wearable could enhance individual well-being and performance; and drive product innovation and customer satisfaction.

Imagine a wearable backed by five decades of scientific discovery and powered by the most trusted tech and algorithms on the market.

Imagine an opportunity came along where you could not only get your hands on that wearable, but you could make it your own.

Meet Polar 360...

Your fast-track into wearables.

A full-stack solution powered by 50 years of scientific research and development in one personal device.

It measures a day in the life.

Get access to a whole new world of daily data, including activity, sleep and recovery metrics.

Heart Rate

Optical heart rate uses light to measure heart rate, providing real-time data, and insight on the heart's activity during sports, sleep, and everything between.


Measure daily movements, steps, and calories, offering insights on physical activity and its health benefits, while encouraging breaks and rewarding progress.


Automatic assessment of sleep quality, duration, and time spent in each sleep stage overnight—light, deep, and REM—to give insights into sleep behavior.

Before & After

Here’s a few examples of how Polar 360 can transform entire industries:

Medical Insurance


  • Standardized premiums and benefits ignore individual health behaviors.
  • Lack of incentives for health improvement.
  • One-size-fits-all approach that doesn't encourage wellness.


  • Dynamic plans based on personalized health data.
  • Adjusted premiums motivate healthier lifestyles.
  • Reduces healthcare costs and rewards health maintenance.

Corporate Wellness


  • Programs lack personalization, leading to low engagement.

  • Traditional initiatives fail to track or motivate progress.

  • Minimal impact on overall employee health and productivity.


  • Wellness programs transformed into personalized health journeys.

  • Increased participation and engagement in the workplace.

  • Data-driven insights for continuous program improvement.

Haulage & Logistics


  • Vehicle efficiency prioritized over driver well-being.

  • Missed opportunities for technology to enhance health and safety.

  • Lack of support for driver's mental and physical health.


  • Introduced fitness tracking for driver safety and health.

  • Monitors vitals and activity, offering tailored health suggestions.

  • Enhances fleet performance through improved driver well-being.

Gaming Industry


  • Excel in immersive racing and driving games, but overlook players' physical health.

  • Gap between gaming performance and real-world wellness.

  • Misses linking virtual achievements with physical activity.


  • Introduces fitness tracking, connecting physical activity to in-game rewards.

  • Tracks real-world activity, enhancing gameplay and encouraging healthier lifestyles.

  • Deepens player engagement and promotes physical health in gaming.



  • Focus on the thrill of the race, not linking to fans' health and fitness.

  • Engagement with fans misses personal health and fitness goals.

  • Overlooks integrating motorsport passion with wellness.


  • Launches platform allowing fans to engage in health-themed challenges.

  • Strengthens fan bond, enriching experience by linking performance with daily life.

  • Brings commitment to excellence into fans' wellness routines.



  • Renowned for luxury and precision but misses on wellness engagement.

  • Overlooks wearer's physical wellness and activity.

  • Misses connecting timekeeping with active lifestyles.


  • Blends luxury with lifestyle through a fitness tracking venture.

  • Connects active pursuits with brand legacy, offering personalized insights.

  • Enriches brand portfolio, integrating wellness with luxury.

Fitness Brands


  • Leads in fitness apparel but lacks direct fitness progress tracking.

  • Misses on engaging users beyond workout sessions.

  • Overlooks a holistic fitness journey connection.


  • Creates a fitness ecosystem with a tracking band, motivating physical achievements.

  • Offers personalized workouts and insights, enhancing brand loyalty.

  • Integrates tracking with apparel, deepening active lifestyle engagement.

Sports Teams


  • Inspires with sporting excellence but lacks fitness engagement with fans.

  • Misses tracking or encouraging fans' wellness.

  • Lacks a direct channel for deepening fan engagement through wellness.


  • Launches branded fitness tracking band, connecting fans' activities with the team.

  • Encourages fan fitness and participation in challenges.

  • Boosts engagement and gathers data for targeted health promotions.

Realize it.

Getting started with Polar 360 is easy, but the possibilities are endless. Choose your package:

Software Developer Kit

Read and interpret live RAW data from Polar 360, including PPG, acceleration and heart rate to build your own branded apps and experiences.

Polar Flow Integration

Create your own experience with Polar API’s, or harness the power of the Polar Flow ecosystem without building your own app.


Ready to see how Polar 360 can revolutionize your business?


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