Personalize any watch for any style and any need.


Replace or upgrade your Polar Sensor chest straps or arm bands.

Power & Cables

For charging your products and data transfer.

Mounts & Adapters

Adapt your product for any situation.






Combine the power of Polar technology with your own.

Add Polar health algorithms to your device portfolio.

Our science is enhancing human performance.


Algorithm options


of user validations


Years of science and research

+ 450

Patents registered

+ 11 000

Published studies

Put our knowledge in your devices

With over 4 decades of scientific research and development, Polar is world-renowned as one of the best, most trusted brands in the industry – and it’s never been easier to put what we know into your products.

We work together

We will assist you in deciding which features would be the best fit for your product or solution and ensure a smooth integration and roll-out.

The best algorithms in the business

Our algorithms have been tried and tested in our own products every day for over 40 years, and they have been validated by millions of users around the world.


Choose a science-powered microservice for your device.


Tracking activity 24 hours a day helps your customers learn how they move in their everyday life.


Monitoring training gives your customers in-depth insights they can act on, and work to improve.


When your customers know their key performance metrics they can focus on how to perform better.


Improve your customer’s sleep insights to ensure they rest better and are fully recharged each day.


Guide your customer’s optimal recovery so they can be ready to take on their goals for the day.


Help your customers restore balance to their lives through holistic well-being and rhythms.

Supporting you every step of the way

Our team will assist you throughout the entire process: from start; to finish.


Feature descriptions. Comprehensive documentation will help you understand the science and function behind each feature.


Implementation support. Our dedicated algorithm team will assist you at every stage of integration.


Test cases. We will provide you with the test cases to assess the algorithm implementation of your product in practice.


Validation support. You test and we validate. Our QA team is always ready to assist you to ensure successful implementation.


Education. You’ll get access to educational content that can be used to help your customers understand the features better.


Marketing support. We will help you with marketing materials to ensure our features are communicated to your customers the right way.

Let's talk.

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