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Making physical education measurably more fun.

Motivate and help your students reach their true potential with Polar Physical EdTech solutions for more engaging, more enjoyable, interactive gym classes.

Used by over 10,000 schools worldwide.

PE classes made personal.

Childhood and adolescence are difficult periods to navigate, with kids, teens, and young adults learning new things about themselves and their bodies every day. When students and pupils can see, understand, and act on the personal data that makes them unique, the results can be empowering.

Fitness should be fun.

Keep your class interested and engaged for the hour or two they have out of the classroom. PE or gym class should be enjoyable...with challenges and reward badges based on real-time, individualized performance tracking, it can be.

Bringing science into play.

Based on over 40 years of scientific research and development, our heart rate and sports tracking technology has been fine-tuned to provide accurate and reliable data for your students so that they can begin to understand their bodies.

Polar GoFit

Smarter, more productive, more inclusive PE lessons.


Guide your students as they learn about the potential of their bodies.


Evaluate each student’s progress and development over time.

No limits

Capture every moment with offline recording – even when students are out of range.

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Loved by our customers

“Polar GoFit is the coolest thing in the gym! The 6th grade class put the sensor on very quickly and everything worked perfectly the very first time. They were so excited to see what their heart rate was and the motivation level was really high.”

“My first contact with Polar watches and the application was at university 12 years ago. It is fascinating how the visual representation still motivates students to really stay with it! During all this time, nothing has changed, only the technology has continued to improve.”

Why teachers trust Polar

12 000

Schools globally

1.36 million


11 000


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