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Polar Team - Indoor team sport athlete tracking system

Polar Team

Indoor team sport athlete tracking system

The Polar Team wearable player tracking system shows your players’ accurate real-time heart rate in every indoor sport on your iPad. Take advantage of easy-to-use player tracking analytics and make objective decisions throughout the season.

"A quick glance at the data they pump to a courtside computer tells him players' exertion rates – requiring sprints for anyone who's been dogging it."

John Calipari, University of Kentucky basketball

Get the most out of your team

Whatever your game is, the Polar Team indoor player tracking app helps you coach your team to the top – with ease. Follow your team’s heart rates on screen in real time and analyze the effort of each player. With objective post-training data and sharing capabilities the entire coaching staff can follow the team’s performance over time.

Stay in the right zone

Heart rate zones provide an easy way to monitor the intensity of training. With easy player tracking you can spot the differences and guide all your players at once. Real-time player monitoring enables comparison of several players on your iPad screen. Motivate your players with wearable technology by showing them their effort on the go during training.

Track, analyze and improve

After training, the Polar Team player tracking system reveals objective data on your players’ performance and shares reports with both your players and the entire coaching staff. Use player monitoring data to plan your next session and stay ahead of your competition.

Get Polar Team app for your team

Gear up your players with Polar H10 or OH1 heart rate sensors for live heart rate. The H10 also connects to many Polar products as well as compatible gym equipment, also ideal to be used in off-season training.

Download the free Team app and get started.

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