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Polar Sleep Plus Stages white paper

Sleep is vital to overall health and well-being, playing an essential role in many physical and mental functions. In athletes, inadequate sleep may slow down recovery and training adaptation, impair performance and increase the risk of injury and illness. Despite the importance of sleep, many athletes fail to sleep adequately, and they may benefit from sleep optimation and extension. Tracking sleep on a regular basis helps identify the factors that may affect sleep.

The Polar Sleep Plus Stages feature complements our previous sleep analysis with light, deep, and REM stages of sleep and Polar’s unique sleep score. The sleep score is a single number, that provides a glanceable summary of sleep quantity and quality. It compares the previous night’s sleep to the science-based indicators of a good night’s sleep in a unique way.

Polar’s sleep measurement is automatic. It relies on the analysis of 3D acceleration signals and the heart’s beat-to-beat intervals measured from the user’s wrist. The Sleep Plus Stages algorithm has been validated against the polysomnography, which is the gold standard method for assessing sleep.

The Sleep Plus Stages white paper describes the scientific background, principles, benefits, functionality, and validity of the feature.

Full document (PDF)

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