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Polar Serene™ white paper

Polar Serene breathing exercise

Occasional mental stress is a part of training, competitions, and everyday life. Relaxation strategies involving deep breathing, typically close to the rate of six breaths per minute, can be used to increase concentration, promote relaxation, and reduce stress. When practiced regularly, deep breathing can help reduce the cumulative effects of stress on the body.

Serene is a guided deep breathing exercise that helps relax both mind and body. It guides the user to breathe slowly and deeply in order to elicit the relaxation response in the body, which is the opposite of the stress response. During the session, Serene analyzes the heart’s beat-to-beat intervals measured optically and displays real-time biofeedback on the bodily response. The feedback considers two aspects. Firstly, it looks at how well in sync variation in the beat-to-beat intervals is with breathing rate. Secondly, it looks at how close the breathing rate is to the optimal rate of six breaths per minute. At the end of each session, Serene shows the breakdown of the overall success.

Polar Serene breathing exercise is based on up-to date scientific knowledge of breathing practices used for relaxation and stress management. Its elements and feedback algorithm have been carefully selected and tested. The Serene breathing exercise white paper describes the scientific background, validity, benefits, and functionality of the feature.

Full document (PDF)

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