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Polar Running Power white paper

Running Power is a Smart Coaching tool that allows runners to keep track of the external load of their running. It is useful tool for interval and slope training. Running Power complements heart-rate-guided training. Compared to heart rate, Running power has a mode dynamic range extending the load measure to the anaerobic intensity level. Running Power combines information from speed, changes in speed, and altitude gradient. The end result is a single number which represents the power that our muscles supply during running. The principles of the Running Power calculation are presented in this white paper. Speed, acceleration, and slope information are combined and calibrated for the final Running power calculation. During running, the user can see, for example, maximun, average, and lap power in Watts/min and after the training the time spent at different power zones (1–5). The Running Power white paper gives insights into the calculation and the principles behind it as well as information on the scientific validation of Running Power.

Full document (PDF)

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