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Polar Team Pro System white paper

Polar Team Pro System is designed to help team sport athletes and coaches to optimize their training and improve overall performance while preventing injuries and fatigue. The Team Pro tracking system consists of three parts: 1) a set of wearable sensor modules, one for each player, 2) a recharging dock and 3) cloud based player performance analytics software. The wearable module of Polar Team Pro includes a heart rate and GPS sensor as well as inertia-based movement measurement. The key parameters of the system have been validated successfully. Polar Team Pro is an easy-to-use system that provides the team coach and the team members a comprehensive set of information regarding both training sessions and games. The information ranges from the physiological data of an individual player to information on the movement and playing tactics of the whole team. In the hands of a wise coach Team Pro can help in injury prevention as well as in targeting training specifically to improving game performance. The Team Pro System white paper reviews the technology contents of the system: heart rate, movement, and physiological information. It also gives advice on how to coach with the system.

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