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Polar Sleep Plus™ white paper

Getting a good night’s sleep regularly is critical to people’s overall health and well-being. Over time, an insufficient amount of sleep increases the risk for several chronic health problems including cardiovascular, metabolic, respiratory, and mental problems.

Polar Sleep PlusTM is a feature that objectively measures the duration, quality, and timing of sleep. The detection of sleep is fully automatic and is based on a 3D-acceleration measurement from the non-dominant wrist. In addition to showing a set of sleep parameters, Sleep Plus gives verbal feedback on the previous night’s sleep. The Polar Flow service keeps a record of the user’s long-term sleep schedule. Tracking sleep over time helps identify how daily habits affect sleep and what changes in habits could improve sleep.

The Sleep Plus algorithm has been validated against polysomnography, the gold standard method for assessing sleep. The Polar algorithm detected sleep and wake with excellent sensitivity, adequate specificity, and excellent accuracy for children, adolescents, and adults. In conclusion, the Sleep Plus algorithm measures sleep at a level generally accepted for research use.

Full document (PDF)

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